Justice Files

Document (1)The Justice Files is a weekly summary of notable police activity that aims to inform, educate, engage and protect the local community and visitors alike through transparency. This information is shared to develop and encourage community involvement and foster a sense of security and trust in the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. 

All persons arrested for any crimes are based on probable cause and are presumed to be innocent until the contrary is proven in a court of law.

June 10th - June 16th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 244,106

*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Wildlife: A Frisco man called Animal Control for help with a raccoon in his attic for 2 weeks that he had been unable to trap. On arrival, the officer could see the young raccoon lying in insulation, alive but clearly in poor health. Using a catch pole, the animal control officer was able to remove the raccoon. Due to the age and poor health of the raccoon, it was unlikely it would survive in the wild. The raccoon was given some fluids and food and was taken to the Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation in Silt, Colorado to be rehabilitated. 

Welfare Check: A father requested a welfare check on his adult son who had gone off-roading in his truck and had not returned. Based on information gathered from the son’s phone, deputies checked several different trails and trailheads with no luck. Deputies were eventually able to contact the son by phone and determined his truck was stuck near Alma in neighboring Park County. He was uninjured just stuck in snow. His father was informed and planned to coordinate a tow for the truck. 

Theft: An employer in unincorporated Silverthorne reported seven personal and work vehicles had been broken into while his crew was out working during the day. They returned to their vehicles to find their belongings scattered all over inside the vehicles and that several frisbee golf discs had been stolen. None of the vehicles were damaged. Deputies responded and the incident is under investigation.

REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately): A driver reported a male pulling up next to him who yelled and accused him of running a red light. During the interaction, the driver could smell a significant smell of alcohol coming from the man’s vehicle. The driver provided a good description of the vehicle, including the license plate and location. Deputies located the man who was subsequently arrested for DUI. 

Search and Rescue: Special Operations technicians and the Summit County Rescue Group responded to a popular mountain biking trail in unincorporated Breckenridge for a female rider who crashed and broke her wrist. She was treated on scene and was able to walk a short distance to a UTV which was used to transport her to an ambulance. 

Smoke Report: Special Operations technicians responded to a smoke sighting in the area of Officers Gulch. Using a drone, they quickly found a small campfire with two people nearby. The individuals found by the campfire claimed that they had found the fire and were not responsible for creating it. Fires are not legal within ½ mile of I-70 on USFS property. Personnel from Summit Fire and EMS responded and extinguished the fire. 

Search and Rescue: Summit County Special Operations and the Summit County Rescue Group responded to the backcountry north of Silverthorne for a man with a broken ankle. The man had fallen approximately 30 feet down a snow slope the day before. His camp was several miles away but he managed to crawl back, taking him all night, where he was finally able to get cell phone service and call for help. Due to his location and the injury involved, responders requested help from Flight for Life to drop off rescue members near the man who was stabilized and then transported by helicopter to St. Anthony Summit Hospital for treatment.  

Animal Welfare: Animal Control received a report of a dog in visible distress, locked in a vehicle with the windows closed. While en route animal control officers requested assistance from a deputy who was closer to the vehicle, the deputy had heard the call aired on the radio and was already on their way. At the same time, a second deputy obtained contact information for the vehicle owner and directed the  owner to return to their vehicle. Shortly after the deputy and animal control officer arrived on scene the owner arrived and unlocked the door. The dog was drooling excessively, heavily panting and had her tongue out as far as possible – all signs of overheating. Her body temperature was taken, and it was elevated prompting the officer to take her to the closest animal hospital for treatment. The dog is okay, but 5-10 more minutes in those conditions and the outcome could have been very different. Animal Control is investigating the incident and charges are pending.  


The Summit County Sheriff's Office's SMARTSTARR, and PAST programs all play crucial roles in addressing various needs within the community. These programs support the needs of the community by addressing the underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior, promoting rehabilitation and reintegration, and enhancing public safety. However, there are several reasons why the Sheriff's Office may not highlight these programs in the weekly Justice Files:

  • Focus on Criminal Activity: The Justice Files primarily focuses on reporting criminal activities, investigations, and law enforcement operations rather than community programs and social services.
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Concerns: Highlighting specific programs and individuals involved may raise confidentiality and privacy concerns, especially in sensitive areas such as mental health and pretrial services.
  • Strategic Communication: The Summit County Sheriff's Office may strategically choose to communicate about these programs through other channels or platforms that are better suited for community outreach and engagement.

Overall, while these programs play vital roles in supporting the community's needs, their absence from the weekly Justice Files reflects the blog's focus and priorities rather than a lack of importance or effectiveness.

System-wide Mental Assessment Response Team (SMART)

Established in 2019, SMART is a co-responder program designed to address the unique mental health needs of the community. A SMART team is a two-person teams comprised of a law enforcement officer and a behavioral health specialist to intervene on mental health-related police calls, to de-escalate situations that have historically resulted in arrest or hospitalization and to assess whether the person should be referred for an immediate behavioral health assessment. It provides a wide variety of specialized skills, services, and response capabilities reflecting the intersection of Summit County's diverse community and its relationship to mental health. By addressing these needs, SMART is able to make the community a safer place.

Strategies TAvoid Relapse and Recidivism (STARR)

Established in 2019, the STARR program is a jail based behavioral services program aimed at reducing relapse and recidivism rates among inmates incarcerated in the Summit County Detention Facility. The program is voluntary, allowing inmates to actively engage in their own mental health and substance use disorder treatment. By providing a safe and supportive environment, the program aims to empower individuals to take ownership of their recovery journey. By addressing the underlying trauma and providing the necessary support, the program aims to empower individuals to break the cycle of incarceration and achieve long-term recovery.

Pretrial Assistance and Supervised Treatment program (PAST

Established in June 2022, the PAST program operates under the legal philosophy of pretrial services by offering fair and efficient services and support that are critical to the effective operations of our local criminal justice system and provides support and supervision to defendants released on bond. The program assists defendants as they navigate the judicial system, during their pretrial release period, through review and monitoring of one’s compliance with their bond conditions as determined by the courts. This includes sobriety and substance use monitoring at no cost to pretrial program participants. In addition to compliance monitoring, PAST offers court reminders, case management support, and resource and referrals to community partners.

June 3rd - June 9th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 244,106

*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Fraud: A man sold his vehicle 7 months ago putting the license plates from the sold vehicle in the bed of his pickup truck. Three months later, he received a bill from Express Toll with charges tied to the plates that were removed from the vehicle he sold. He looked in his truck and found the plates were missing. A report was taken and the plates were entered as stolen in the Colorado Crime Information Center (CCIC), a statewide database.

Extra Watch/Area Patrol: Deputies and a USFS Ranger were on scene at a reported high school camping party in the National Forest. Personnel provided a high visibility presence to deter criminal behavior and to educate the young adults about fire rules. Overall, the interactions with the attendees were positive and many parents thanked the deputies for being there. Eventually, the Ranger terminated the party due to several Federal National Forest violations including the need for a permit for over 75 people to gather. Deputies confiscated numerous bottles of liquor and the Ranger issued one citation for marijuana consumption. Around 3 in the morning, deputies returned and found the party was once again out of hand and promptly shut it down.

Reckless Driving: Deputies received a report of 4 vehicles parked illegally beyond a gate at a local campground. The occupants of the vehicles were riding three ATVs and two minibikes on trails in the area that do not allow motorized vehicles. They were all located and cited for OHV use where prohibited.

Assault: Two friends traveling across country in an RV together had plans to stay at a campground near Lake Dillon. The owner of the RV had grown tired of his friend and decided to rent a room for the night with plans that the friend would stay in the RV at the campground. When the owner was unpacking his things to go to the rental they got into an argument that became physical because the friend wanted to stay in the rental too. Before deputies arrived the friend fled the area. A search was conducted and many attempts to reach him by phone were unsuccessful. The owner didn’t want to press any charges and said he would call the deputies if he returned.

River Incident: A male kayaker ran into a tree that had become lodged fully across the Snake River near the Lake Dillon inlet. The male was trapped underwater for approximately 40 seconds before he was able to escape. He was not injured but his kayak was stuck on the tree overnight. The next day Summit County Sheriff’s Special Operations along with Summit County Open Space and Trails assisted the man in retrieving his kayak and then removed the 14” diameter tree from the river. Once removed, nearby kayakers reported another downed tree causing a significant hazard to water users a few miles upriver. They found the hazard and were able to remove that 12” diameter tree as well.

River Obstruction: Summit County Sheriff’s Special Operations received a report of a downed tree across the Blue River. The tree was 3 feet in diameter and was almost fully across the river. Due to its size, they were unable to remove it but local river guides were able to tie a rope to the tree to capture it if it floated in the rising river and therefore would not be able to become a further hazard if it moved downstream. The Sheriff’s Office put out a public notice to river users about the hazard to help keep our rafting community safe. Overnight, the increased volume of water moved it safely out of the way.

River Incident: Summit County Sheriff’s Special Operations received a report of an unattended raft upside down and floating down the Blue River. Using drones, the technicians were able to quickly locate the inflatable kayak. While staging in the area to go investigate, the owner of the kayak showed up. He stated that he had to bail out near a footbridge due to the high water and swam a few hundred yards before he was able to get out, he was uninjured. He was unable to call for help because his phone and car keys were in the kayak. They assisted the man in retrieving the kayak from the river. The kayaker was unaware of the river closure and was warned and not cited.

Threat / Harassment: A woman reported an extremely intoxicated male camper from a nearby site who had joined her and her friends at their campfire. She told the man that they were getting ready to go to sleep and asked him to leave. The man, so intoxicated that he could barely walk, aggressively told them he was going to kill them all. Deputies found the man at his campsite, sleeping in his vehicle. Due to his level of intoxication deputies requested medical to come check on him. He admitted to deputies that he was at the campfire; he said he felt threatened by them but couldn’t explain why. He was given a summons for harassment and menacing and was released to a sober friend. The woman and her friends relocated to a different site for the night.

Fraud: A Summit County resident received a phone call from an individual claiming to be with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. The individual told her there was a warrant out for her arrest and explained to clear the warrant she would need to pay a fee in gift cards, citing COVID as the reason she could not come into the office and pay with cash. She asked to speak with a supervisor and got a call back from someone claiming to be a Summit County sergeant with a caller ID that matched the Sheriff’s Office main number. The woman bought one gift card and gave the individual the numbers, he told her it didn’t go through. She bought two more gift cards and gave him the information before he stopped responding and she realized that she was likely scammed. The gift cards given totaled nearly $1,500. This incident is under investigation.

Burglary: A property manager found that a burglary had taken place in a home she was showing to a potential renter. She arrived to find the back door had been smashed in, a back window shattered and blood found inside the residence on cabinet doors and on the floor. Nothing of high value had been in the home and nothing appeared to be missing. Deputies investigating spoke to several neighbors, one remembered a suspicious male in the area about a week prior. Evidence was collected from the home; the investigation is ongoing.


Jail: An inmate in the Summit County Detention Facility went on hunger strike for approximately 24 hours in an effort to manipulate medical staff and receive medication for which he was not prescribed. Through the collaboration and influence of deputies, medical staff, kitchen staff and the jail-based mental health team STARR, the inmate ended his hunger strike and resumed eating. The inmate has been encouraged to continue working with STARR in pursuit of better outcomes when he makes reentry into the community. 

May 27th - June 2nd, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 239,990

*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Dog Bite /Assault: A man went after his dog after it escaped from his camper, when doing so, he was bit by a dog at the neighboring campsite. The woman from the neighboring site approached the man, calling him vulgar names and attempting to push his wife who was holding a baby. The man stepped in and pushed the woman away from his wife and child and she fell to the ground. During the investigation, the woman denied attempting to get physical with the wife but did say she was scratched by the man’s dog. She declined medical attention and declined to press any charges. Animal Control was given information regarding the dog bite that the man received, he and his family left the campground for the evening.

Domestic Violence: A couple got into an altercation that became physical after the man tried to harm himself during the argument. The two began to struggle as the woman tried to stop him. The man then threw the woman to the ground causing injury to her face. The woman called 911 and the man fled the scene. The woman had visible bruising starting to appear on her face when deputies arrived. The man was later contacted at his residence where he admitted to the argument and the assault. He was charged with domestic violence and assault and was taken to St. Anthony Summit Hospital for treatment, then booked into the Summit County Detentions Facility.

Drugs: A Summit High School student with found with marijuana in their possession at school. The drugs were confiscated and the student was issued a summons for minor in possession.

Trespass: A female resident in unincorporated Breckenridge woke up in the morning to find that someone had placed a cup of flowers on her windowsill, inside an open window. She didn’t notice anything missing from her apartment and didn’t think anyone had fully entered her apartment. An investigation into neighbors and an ex-boyfriend found that her neighbor had left the flowers as a thank you. The woman decided not to pursue charges for trespassing and the neighbor was warned about his actions.

Assault: A man was transported to the St. Anthony Summit Hospital by a neighboring county’s deputy after he was arrested for a motor vehicle accident involving arson. He was left in the protective custody of the hospital staff. When they were attempting to restrain the man, he became uncooperative, punching a security guard and kicking a nurse. Summit County Sheriff’s deputies responded, and the man was charged with Felony Assault.

Animal Call: A deputy responded when a dog covered in porcupine quills was found under a camper. The deputy was able to get the dog out from under the camper and made contact with the owner who was given information for the nearest emergency veterinarian.

Assault: A man who was upset about back pay owed to him by his employer got into a physical fight with the employer, who had fired the man for being intoxicated at work. The employer claimed he didn’t owe him any more money and denied hitting the man, only admitting to “tapping” him. The man didn’t initially want to press charges and was given information on the civil process to take his employer to court.

Welfare: Deputies assisted the Frisco Police Department on a welfare check called in by a concerned grandmother who had spoken with her highly intoxicated grandson on the phone. He told her he had been beaten up by his co-workers and thrown into a ditch at an unknown location in Summit County. She advised her grandson was bleeding, said he was going to die in the ditch and had called to say ‘goodbye.’ An extensive search was conducted by Frisco PD, Silverthorne PD and the Sheriff’s Office. Officers and deputies were able to get the grandson on the phone, using their sirens and horns and their ability to hear them on his phone, they eventually found the man who had become unresponsive after initially answering the call. He was carried out of the wooded area he was found in and was transported to St. Anthony Summit Hospital by ambulance.

Recycling and Town Clean Up Event: The annual Hard to Recycle plus Drug Takeback Event occurred Saturday June 1st. Sponsored by the High Country Conservation Center, this event helps us protect our health and local waterways by giving residents a way to dispose of household hazardous waste, medications, electronic waste, chemicals, cleaners, paints, fertilizers, batteries and more. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office evidence team was at the event, collecting 323 pounds of pharmaceuticals and 45 pounds of sharps. https://highcountryconservation.org/events/annual-recycling-event-2024/ 

DUI: A driver was pulled over for failing to yield to oncoming traffic before making a left turn. When at the window of the vehicle, the deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver. There was an open container in the cup holder and two 12 packs of beer on the passenger floorboard. The driver admitted to drinking before driving and did not complete roadsides as a sober person would. The driver consented to a breath test, his result was over two times the legal limit. He was arrested on multiple charges including DUI and open container.

Reckless: Deputies received a report of a man riding a motorcycle on the Colorado Trail near Revette Drive, which is a non-motorized use trail. Deputies were able to find the man who claimed he was unfamiliar with the area; he was issued a citation for riding on a non-motorized trail. 

May 20th - May 26th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels over Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th - May 27th, 2024: 154,142
Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels over Memorial Day Weekend, May 26th - May 29th, 2023: 157,224
Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th - May 30th, 2022: 152,903
Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels over Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th - May 31st, 2021: 166,791
Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels over Memorial Day Weekend, May 22nd - May 25th, 2020: 119,157
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


A man reported witnessing a woman running out of St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital to her car while holding a young child, who she quickly put into her vehicle before driving off. The man gave a description of the woman and her vehicle, and she was located on Hwy 9 between Frisco and Breckenridge. The woman came from St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital, but there was no child in her vehicle. There were no reports of a missing child, nothing suspicious was found on the security camera footage. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the caller suffers from mental health issues, the claim was unfounded, and no crime had been committed. 

Search and Rescue: The Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Section and Summit County Rescue Group (SCRG) received a report of two hikers stuck on the backside of Quandary. The hikers veered off the trail, lost their footing, and slid approximately 100 feet, from there they descended and found themselves cliffed out and unable to go in any direction. A special operations technician, in collaboration with a SCRG coordinator, swiftly located the hikers using a drone. SCRG deployed 17 personnel into the field, in addition to command and logistical staff. Additional resources included Flight For Life, a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter from the High-altitude Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (HAATS), and assistance from the Red, White and Blue Fire Protection District. Rescuers worked together for over 8 hours to safely access and lower the hikers via high angle rescue. Both had only minor injuries and refused further medical attention.

REDDI: A DUI was reported on Highway 9 after a vehicle was observed swerving and driving slowly. The vehicle was located by deputies and did not stop at a stop sign or use the blinker. Upon contact, the driver was disoriented and very confused but with no signs of intoxication. Medical was requested and came to the scene. The driver was transported by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital due to possible dementia-related symptoms and was later picked up by a family member. The vehicle was left at a nearby gas station, with the manager’s permission, in order to save the driver tow and storage fees.

DUI: A man called in and advised that he saw a small sedan drive off the road down an embankment near Walgreens. The vehicle was a significant way down the hill, almost to the cliff above I-70. Two people appeared to be attempting to push the vehicle back up the hill.  Deputies arrived on scene, contacted the driver and smelled alcohol on his breath. The driver admitted to smoking "bud” and consented to conduct voluntary roadside maneuvers, which he did not complete as a sober party would. The driver was arrested.

Extra Watch: Patrol performed an extra watch at the Summit High School graduation. The graduation ceremony was livestreamed on YouTube, and a male commented in the live stream: “BEWARE OF TONY” and “I AM A WEAPON.” Deputies dispersed into the crowd and set a perimeter around the graduation as a precaution. An attempt was made to ID the male using his YouTube account name, but no one in CO was found to match. Deputies informed school officials discreetly, and it was determined that the man was not a student or parent. A plan of action was set up quietly to prevent a panic in case an evacuation became necessary. Graduation concluded with no issues and no direct threats were made towards the school or students. This appeared to have been a random person making online statements.

Overturned Boats: A man was blown off a stand-up paddleboard in a storm, which also caused the SUP to blow away from him. The Sheriff’s Office responded with Dillon Marina personnel, who arrived first and pulled the man out of the water without incident. While responding to the above incident, a deputy discovered a capsized canoe and rescued its two boaters from the water.


Dog Bite: A man is living in his van with his 12-week-old German Shepherd, Simba. Simba started to poop in the front seat, and when the man went to grab her to take her outside, she bit him on the lip. The man was treated at St. Anthony’s Summit Hospital and received two stiches. An Animal Control deputy completed a bite report and placed Simba on bite confinement.

May 13th - May 19th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 208,309*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


A man received a pop-up message on his phone asking him to call an unknown number. He called and an operator told him he had reached US Bank. The operator told him to get onto his computer and gave him directions for how to fix an error with his account. During the call, the operator asked him for his password, he was unable to remember his password, but was getting suspicious at this point in the call. The operator was trying to get $8,500 from the man, who went to his local bank and confirmed that he had not lost any money. The bank helped him reset his passwords.

Trespass: A property management company found a squatter in an apartment that was supposed to be empty. Deputies contacted a male as he was walking away from the building, he told them he found the room open and was just looking for a place to sleep. Property management didn’t want to press charges for trespassing and requested a warning instead.

Illegal Campfire: Deputies received a report of an illegal campfire on the side of Montezuma Rd. On contact, the two campers had already put out the fire, but it was still smoldering. They were educated on fire regulations and fire safety, along with county ordinances on parking and camping on county roads. They were warned for camping illegally and having a fire.

Disturbance: Deputies received a report of yelling and glass bottles being broken in a parking lot in Dillon Valley. Deputies responded and found blood inside the unit and an injured man with a large, bloody gash on his head. According to those at the residence, they were having a birthday party when a highly intoxicated man showed up and started a fight. The injured man, while trying to break up the fight, was hit in the head with a glass bottle causing the cut on his head. The aggressor in the fight was located in a neighboring unit, was arrested for assault and was booked into the Summit County Detentions Facility. The injured man was taken to the Summit Medical Center for treatment.  

MVA:  A driver pulled his car over onto an overlook near the landfill to take photos. When he got out, he realized that he forgot to put the car in park and it rolled off the edge of the cliff. No one was inside the vehicle. Deputies arrived on scene to assist with recovery of the vehicle.

Theft: Detectives continue to investigate a number of trailhead vehicle break-ins. During the follow-up investigation a description of the involved vehicle was identified. A suspect was later identified at several banks across the front range in relation to the fraudulent checks and charges on credit cards stolen from local vehicles. Last week, an arrest warrant was issued for multiple felony charges related to theft and identity theft.

Assault: Three roommates were drinking in the parking lot near their apartment in Dillon Valley when the first roommate got jealous of the other two and assaulted the second roommate, breaking his nose, causing a concussion and causing him to lose consciousness. The first roommate then assaulted the third roommate, strangling her and kicking her in the chest. The first roommate fled on foot. The second and third roommates were taken to the Summit County Medical Center for treatment while deputies searched the area for the first roommate. The first roommate was later located, arrested and taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility.  

Fire: A small lean-to type of structure was found in flames on the beach below Swan Mountain Road creating a lot of dark smoke. Dillon and Breckenridge officers assisted with closing Swan Mountain Rd while deputies doused the fire with buckets of water while waiting for Summit Fire and Red, White & Blue Fire Districts. The fire departments arrived and fully mitigated the scene. No one was injured in the fire.

Structure Fire: The Sheriff’s Office responded to a fire alarm at the Dillon Valley Elementary School.  A Sheriff’s deputy and a Silverthorne officer arrived and observed smoke coming from the roof of the building and heard an audible alarm. They did a quick search of the building to make sure the building was not occupied. They observed no obvious signs of forced entry and all doors and windows appeared secured. Summit Fire District arrived on scene to extinguish the fire and investigate the cause. Officers and deputies on scene assisted with traffic control.

MVA: Multiple callers reported a vehicle going Eastbound on I-70 near the tunnel, had rolled over multiple times, ripping the roof off the vehicle. Sheriff’s deputies, Silverthorne PD officers, Dillon PD officers and the Colorado State Patrol responded to the scene and found the driver of the vehicle had succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash. Deputies and officers helped with closing the highway in both directions and provided traffic control while the Colorado State Patrol investigated the crash.

Warrant Arrest / MVA: Teller County sent a notice to surrounding law enforcement agencies asking them to keep an eye out for a potentially armed, felony domestic violence suspect. Teller County indicated that the man had recently been let out of prison and had an extensive and violent criminal background. Park County deputies noticed the associated vehicle in their county and followed the vehicle until it became too dangerous and they terminated the pursuit. About ten minutes later it was reported that the suspect had crashed his vehicle on Hwy 9 in Blue River. The Blue River police responded with assistance from the Summit County Sheriff's Office, Breckenridge PD, Frisco PD, Silverthorne PD, Dillon PD. The suspect sustained serious injuries from the crash and was sent by helicopter to Denver for treatment. He faces charges for felony menacing, felony assault, domestic violence, harassment and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Search & Rescue: Deputies received a report of a male skier on Uneva Peak with an injured hip. A Sheriff’s Office special operations technician responded along with the Summit County Rescue Group. Rescuers were able to move the skier down to a clearing where Flight for Life had landed, the injured skier was transported to Vail Health. 

May 6th - May 12th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 208,309*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Dispute: A resident in Dillon Valley met with a deputy to report an altercation that occurred between her and a neighbor over parking. When the woman tried talking to her neighbor over improper parking the neighbor got agitated and called her vulgar names. The neighbor didn’t threaten her and there was no physical altercation between them. At her request, no contact was made with the neighbor, and she was advised to report parking issues to her HOA in the future. 

Livestock: Animal Control received a call about a yak that was entangled in twine north of Silverthorne at a nearby ranch. An animal control officer called the ranch owner and they were able to get someone headed that way to untangle the yak. 

MVA/DUI: Deputies responded to a rollover accident in unincorporated Breckenridge where a vehicle was found on its side, partially blocking the road, with damage indicating it had rolled multiple times. There was no one inside the vehicle and it was covered with snow suggesting the accident occurred a few hours prior. Deputies and fire personnel searched the vehicle and surrounding area to make sure no one was trapped in the vehicle or had been ejected. Multiple bottles of alcohol, some empty, were found in the vehicle along with some information that eventually led deputies to the driver, who had made her way to a neighboring county. The driver was not injured and did not offer a reasonable answer as to why she did not report the accident. The vehicle was towed and because of where the accident occurred, the Colorado State Patrol took over the investigation. *

Trespassing: A resident in Copper Mountain picked up a male hitchhiker who was on his way to Utah. The resident decided to let the hitchhiker stay with him for a few days but now wanted him to leave because the man was “acting weird.” The resident called deputies for assistance; when deputies arrived, the hitchhiker had already started packing up his things and left without issue. 

Motorist Assist: The 911 center received two different 911 calls with an open line and no sound. Based on the automated location information from the cell phone, a deputy drove up Hwy 91 to see if someone needed help. The deputy found a vehicle that had slid off the road with two occupants inside. They were uninjured but the vehicle was stuck and damaged. The deputy helped them arrange for a tow. 

Search and Rescue: A woman saw lights on top of Mt. Royal outside Frisco and was concerned that someone might be in distress. She reported it to deputies who were able to determine that the lights were from some late-night skiers who did not need assistance. 

MVA: A woman reported a vehicle crashed into a ditch in unincorporated Breckenridge. When she checked on the driver, he was slurring his words. Deputies arrived and found the driver had heavily slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol around him. An ambulance was called to the scene, the driver was unsteady on his feet, and needed assistance walking over to the ambulance. Deputies found an open beer in the center console and a 12 pack of beer on the passenger floorboard. Colorado State Patrol arrived on scene to investigate the accident. The driver was arrested for DUI. *

Dispute/Disturbance: Two homeowners in unincorporated Silverthorne reported that their HOA was cutting down plants on their property. A deputy spoke with the workers who were cutting the foliage. The workers advised they were cutting within the allowable distance from a ditch behind the property, for irrigation purposes. Deputies explained the information to the homeowners, one of which continued to follow the workers and yell at them. The homeowner was warned for harassment and deputies stayed in the area to ensure no additional confrontation occurred.

Search: The Special Operations Section responded to Rifle Gap State Park following a mutual aid request from the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. Technicians assisted Garfield County deputies and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers with recovering a drowning victim. The victim, a 26-year-old male, fell off a paddleboard during a weather event and was not wearing a personal flotation device or a paddleboard leash. He was located using a side-scan sonar device and recovered by an underwater remotely operated vehicle. **

*Note: The Colorado State Patrol is responsible for investigating all motor vehicle accidents occurring on roads in unincorporated Summit County. 

**Note: Due to Summit County’s high altitude and frequent incidents on Lake Dillon and Green Mountain Reservoirs, the Sheriff’s Office Special Operations Section has unwittingly evolved into regional experts in mountain drowning recovery, where elevation makes traditional dive operations especially difficult. The Sheriff’s Office has received multiple grants to procure specialized recovery equipment and frequently deploys to assist agencies throughout Colorado.

April 29th - May 5th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 198,149*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Bomb Threat: A Greyhound bus driver pulled over in Frisco because a passenger made comments about having a bomb and said she was “full of dynamite.” All passengers in the bus were evacuated during the investigation. When interviewed, the woman did not remember making any comments about bombs or explosives and appeared to be having a mental health episode. She agreed to allow deputies to search her belongings and met with SMART for a mental health assessment. No explosives were found among her belongings and the bus driver agreed to allow her back on the bus. Nothing criminal was found, and they continued on their way. 

DUI: A boyfriend and girlfriend were seen outside their vehicle on the side of Hwy 9 near Blue River, the girlfriend flagged down a Blue River officer that was passing by and told her she was too intoxicated to drive. She explained that she and her boyfriend had gotten into an argument in Breckenridge and the boyfriend left on foot, planning to walk to Park County. She decided to drive in his direction to look for him and found him near Blue River. She agreed to roadsides but did not complete them comparable to a sober person and was placed under arrest. She immediately complained of medical issues and an ambulance was brought to the scene. The woman was not cooperative with EMS personnel, taking off her seatbelt, resisting medical personnel, thrashing around and trying to get out of the ambulance. She was taken to Summit Medical Center due to her level of intoxication and her medical complaints; she was arrested for DUI. Her boyfriend was given a curtesy ride to a nearby hotel. 

Assault: A violent altercation occurred in Dillon Valley after a man confronted a driver for speeding. An intoxicated passenger in the speeding vehicle got out and charged at the man. The man tripped the passenger which upset the driver and compelled him to get involved in the fight. The man was then pushed to the ground, kicked, punched and stabbed. The victim was taken to the Summit Medical Center for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Deputies and detectives launched a major investigation, resulting in multiple arrests the next day.  

Domestic Violence: A woman in unincorporated Silverthorne heard someone in her house.  The intruder turned out to be her ex-husband, who does not live in the home and did not have permission to be there. The ex-husband was hostile and yelled things at her before she locked herself in a room and called for help. During the investigation it was determined that he was there trying to retrieve some shared property they were in a dispute over, and he had let himself into the home knowing that he was not welcome to do so. The ex-husband, was combative and uncooperative with deputies, gave several conflicting statements about why he was there and what he had taken from the residence. During the contact, he tried to flee and was taken into custody. He was charged with trespassing and domestic violence and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility.   

Assault: Two roommates in unincorporated Summit County reported separate incidents to deputies regarding a third roommate in the apartment. The first roommate reported that he and the third roommate got into a verbal argument that turned physical when the third roommate pushed him down a set of stairs. The first roommate denied needing any medical attention but reported that the third roommate makes him feel unsafe in his home. The second roommate reported that several weeks prior to the most recent incident, the third roommate got into an argument with him that became physical. The third roommate started punching him, pushed him to the ground and put his arms around his head and neck, choking him until the other housemates intervened and pulled them apart. A subsequent investigation established cause for charges and the third roommate was arrested for assault and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

MVA: Summit County Deputies assisted the Colorado State Patrol with a semi-truck that had jack knifed near Vail Pass blocking both lanes of traffic. A driver from a passenger vehicle got out to check on the semi driver when their vehicle was rear ended by a pickup truck that was unable to stop. The driver of the pickup truck was ejected from the vehicle but thankfully did not sustain any major injuries. All involved, aside from the semi-truck driver, were taken to the Summit Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries. Deputies remained on scene to help with the road closure until the vehicles and semi were towed and the road was treated with sand by CDOT.  

Animal Welfare Check: Animal Control Officers followed up with a man that was arrested for DUI and was in the Summit County Detentions Facility.  They knew he had a dog and wanted to make sure that she was being taken care of in his absence. The man advised the officers that he had a roommate but didn’t have a phone number to call her and let he know he had been arrested. The officers met with his roommate and determined that she was caring for the dog. Officers confirmed that she will take care of the dog as long as necessary. 

Animal Issue: Animal Control Officers followed up with a dog owner in unincorporated Breckenridge who had a neighbor complain about him not cleaning up his dog’s feces both in his own yard and the neighbors. On contact the officers found that some of the feces had been cleaned up since their last visit, but not all of it. Because he has been educated on the expectations of cleaning up after his dog several times, the dog owner was issued a 3rd citation and will now be considered a habitual offender.  

Fraud: A Keystone man was friended by an unknown woman on Facebook. The woman eventually asked the man for his WhatsApp contact information and they video messaged on WhatsApp, having an intimate interaction. The next day the man received a video from the woman in which she had taken the video of him and had added a small video at the top of a young girl, making it look as if the interaction had been with an obviously underage girl. She then demanded that the man deposit $5,000 into an account in an attempt to extort him. The next day he received a text on WhatsApp from an unknown number that directed him to call a different number to speak with a ‘law enforcement officer’ about the case. When he called the ‘law enforcement officer’ he was told he needed to send the money as bait and assured him a hold would be put on the payment so that they could catch the woman. He did try to send the money but thought better of it and retracted the transaction before it went through. The man then reported the incident to the Sheriff’s Office. Investigation ongoing.

April 22nd - April 28th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 191,416*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Dispute: A juvenile called 911 to report that he was being held against his will. An investigation into the situation found that the juvenile was upset with his parents who he felt were overreacting to him getting in trouble at school. Nothing criminal was found, the juvenile was under the age of 18 and no threats or physical violence occurred. 

Illegal Camping: Deputies contacted a trespassing male in the area of Giberson Ranch who also had a campfire lit. He was advised that it was private property and he needed to leave. The camper was hostile towards law enforcement, making several verbal threats, but he started packing up his things and left the area. 

Fight: Deputies received a report of a fight in the men’s room at the Frisco Transfer Center. On scene they contacted both individuals involved. Both men admitted to being in the fight but had different recollections of what happened, in both of their stories, the other man started the fight. A stall door was damaged during the altercation, neither of the men wanted medical attention and both were given a summons for disorderly conduct. 

Dispute: A man requested that a deputy make his friend sign some paperwork promising that she would pay him back the $9,000 that he lent to her. The money had already been lent but she has not paid him back any of the money yet. He wanted her to commit to paying it back and thought deputies could assist. It was explained to him that it was a civil matter, and he was referred to the court system. 

Warrant: A records technician at the Summit County Sheriff’s Office was processing paperwork for a summons arrest when she noticed the man who was issued the summons was a sex offender that had not registered when required to do so. A subsequent investigation determined that he had moved to Summit County and failed to register according to the timelines required by law. An immediate investigation began & a warrant was issued. He was arrested for failure to register as a sex offender while already at the Summit County Detentions Facility for his previous unrelated charge. 

Found Weapon: A hiker in unincorporated Summit County found a small lock box and brought it home to see if she could figure out what it was. She managed to break it open and found a 9mm handgun with two loaded magazines in it. She turned it in to a deputy, who booked it into evidence for safe keeping. 

Trespass: A woman in unincorporated Silverthorne called in to report her neighbor for trespassing after she allegedly came onto the caller’s property to fix part of her fence that had been pushed over during the winter. The woman didn’t want to press any charges but wants her neighbor to stay off her property. The neighbor denied being on the woman’s property. The caller was advised to call dispatch if it happens again.

Disturbance: An intoxicated woman reported that her boyfriend had assaulted her, leaving her with a black eye. During the investigation, she said they had gotten into an argument which led to him hitting her in the face. She then went on to explain that his sister also punched her in the face, she had retaliated and they both fell to the floor. The boyfriend denied hitting his girlfriend and said that he just wanted to leave the house after their argument, claiming that he had tried to break up the fight between his sister and girlfriend. The sister admitted to hitting the woman and others on scene corroborated the boyfriend’s version of the story. The woman did not want to press charges, the boyfriend and his sister left to get a hotel for the evening.

Dispute: A man called in upset about his soon to be ex-wife, who still lives in their previously shared residence, and had confronted the man’s renters about some issues that she was having with them. It was determined that the wife has a legal right to be in the residence and the caller was given information about the civil eviction process. It was determined nothing criminal had occurred. 

Welfare Check: A woman called in to report that her ex-boyfriend had told her via text that he was going to take his life if she didn’t speak to him again. Deputies made contact with the man who explained that he didn’t really plan to do anything to himself and had said it because he was sad and wanted her to talk to him. He didn’t have a plan or the means to hurt himself. A run through the system revealed that the man had an active felony warrant out of a neighboring county, he was placed under arrest for the warrant and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Fraud: A subletter in unincorporated Frisco called because despite paying rent to the person that she is subletting from; she got a notice that the rent has not been paid for several months. She was upset because the landlord is starting the eviction process even though she had been paying the rent, but not to the landlord. The deputy was unable to contact the man she is subletting from; the investigation is ongoing. 

Domestic Violence: A Copper man met with deputies to report several previous incidents of domestic violence between him and his ex-girlfriend. The man reported that the past evening his ex-girlfriend came to his apartment and that they had gotten into an argument in which she jumped onto him putting him into a chokehold. He did not lose consciousness and was able to get away. Another night, his ex-girlfriend was highly intoxicated and threatened him harm while pointing a knife at him. She also said he would suffer and told him she knew people that would kill him. An investigation into the arguments led to the arrest of the ex-girlfriend who was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility.   

DUI: Deputies received a report of a vehicle hitting a light pole while doing donuts in a parking lot near Copper Mountain. On scene, deputies contacted an intoxicated driver who had passed out in the driver’s seat. He admitted to being intoxicated and open containers were found in his car. He agreed to roadsides, which he did not complete comparable to a sober person. A breath test showed that he had over two times the legal limit of alcohol in his system to be driving. He was arrested for DUI. 

Missing Juvenile: A mother reported her juvenile daughter missing. The daughter left a note saying that she was going to leave and the mother had not seen her since the day before. Deputies contacted the daughter’s boyfriend who claimed to have not seen her in days, but there were several indications that was not true. Deputies canvassed several areas that she frequents but she was not found. The next day, the daughter was located in a neighboring county by law enforcement. She agreed to a meet with her mother but did not show up at the agreed upon location. Later that day she was located back in Summit County and was reunited with her mother. 

April 15th - April 21st, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 203,481*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Trespassing: A homeowner in unincorporated Silverthorne reported about 15 people had trespassed on his property to birdwatch. The homeowner did not want any law enforcement action and plans to put up better signage for the property.

Assault: A woman called dispatch in distress and not responding to any questions. Deputies responded to the residence in unincorporated Breckenridge and an investigation revealed the woman was upset over an argument with her intoxicated son who threw his phone during causing their oven door to shatter. He also grabbed at his mother, attempting to take her phone. The son was in violation of a protection order which prohibits him from possessing alcohol and he was arrested for violation of his protection order and assault.

Indecent Exposure: A Wildernest resident reported 4 men working on a vehicle, drinking beer, and urinating in the parking lot. Deputies arrived on scene and were only able to contact one of the men, who denied drinking or urinating the parking lot. He was given a warning and said that he would let his friends know about the warning. 

Road Rage / Reckless Driving: Deputies received a report of a male driver suspected to be intoxicated, driving over 100mph, and waving a firearm out of the window. When deputies located the vehicle, its driver was a woman and additional inconsistencies with the original report were found. Passengers in the woman’s car all denied any firearms or weapons being displayed but did say they were involved in a short road rage incident with another vehicle and accused the other driver of being the aggressor. The woman and her passengers all consented to a search of the vehicle which did not locate any weapons. There was no evidence to corroborate that the woman was driving recklessly or any crime had occurred, they were all released.

Trespass & Mental Health Call: Deputies responded to a report of a pickup truck stuck in a small pond on private property. Upon contact, the driver had a Bible in one hand, his other hand concealed, and refused to answer questions. In an effort not to escalate the incident, deputies backed away from the vehicle, opting to monitor the situation using a drone. They contacted the police jurisdiction where the car is registered and learned the driver has an extensive mental health history. Subsequent communication with the driver’s family confirmed the likelihood of a mental health incident. With no imminent danger to the public and the support of the property manager, deputies gave the driver space, attempted to contact him via phone to offer resources, and performed periodic patrols of the area throughout the night. The following morning, the driver contacted the System-wide Mental Assessment Response Team (SMART) for assistance. He was cooperative, appreciative, and not a danger to self or others. The vehicle was towed from the pond without incident, the driver was warned for trespassing, and continued his road trip to the east coast.

Assist: Local ski resort security reported a female guest was stuck in a ski locker. The woman and her friends were laughing, and she did not appear to be in distress. Deputies arrived on scene and ski resort security was able to free the woman from the ski locker.

April 8th - April 14th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 213,002*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Fraud: A Keystone man reported that he was contacted by a friend on Facebook Messenger asking for $1,200. He said his luggage was being held at the Bolivia airport and he needed the money to get his bags released. The man deposited the money at a bank in Silverthorne to be sent to Bolivia. After sending the money he found that his friend was not there and was not missing his luggage. A report was taken. 

Threats: A couple in unincorporated Breckenridge received threatening text messages from a former tenant of theirs that no longer lives in the state. The tenant sent multiple messages to them indicating that he knows where they live, where they work & what vehicles they drive. No direct threats were made but the messages indicated that he had been watching them at some point. An investigation into potential stalking is ongoing. 

Domestic: A woman staying in Copper Mountain called for help with her husband who was intoxicated and was being physically and verbally aggressive. He pushed her to the ground, pulled her off the couch onto the ground and hit her in the face while pinning her to the ground. When she got away and tried to call 911, he grabbed the phone and threw it onto their balcony. Due to the man’s level of intoxication and underlying medical conditions he was taken to the Summit Medical Center, advised by a judge over the phone, summonsed and released. The man remained at Summit Medical Center for treatment. There were several charges including domestic violence and obstruction of phone services. 

Motorist Assist: A group of 7 teenaged girls got out of school early and decided to take a drive in the area of Georgia Pass Rd, this area is currently closed to wheeled vehicles and is only open to “over the snow” motor vehicle travel, such as snowmobiles and other winter recreation activities. During their excursion the vehicle got very stuck in the snow, another juvenile male on scene attempted to help get them moving but was unable to because of how deep they were stuck. The Sheriff’s Office Special Operations team, using a tracked UTV, were able to give the passengers a ride back to the roadway where a friend took them back to school. The driver was picked up by her father and was cited for driving on a closed roadway and driving with unlawful passengers (the driver was only 16 years old). Her father, the owner of the vehicle, was able to get the vehicle out with help from a Good Samaritan.

Stolen Vehicle: A patrol deputy on I-70 ran the license plate of a vehicle stopped on the shoulder that came back with a stolen vehicle notification attached. Deputies initiated a traffic stop with the vehicle and the driver claimed that the van was given to him by a co-worker, but he was unable to provide a last name, a phone number or any other details about the co-worker. He explained that he was stopped on the shoulder to fix a car he had just purchased that had broken down on his way home. He said that his passenger had been driving the disabled car earlier when it broke down and they had returned to fix it. The passenger gave a different story and denied ever driving the disabled vehicle. The stolen vehicle notification was confirmed by the agency that entered it into the system. The driver was placed into custody and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility for motor vehicle theft and the vehicle was impounded. 

Shots Fired: A Wildernest resident called in because he heard approximately 20 gunshots nearby his residence. Deputies contacted 3 males who admitted to having been out shooting clay in the National Forest. Based on the details obtained nothing criminal occurred since they were off the trail and were not unlawfully near to any houses, roads, or trails. 

Disturbance: A man in Keystone reported that a woman he recently started dating was banging on his door trying to get into his home. Before deputies arrived, he called back and stated that she had left and gave a vehicle description. He told deputies they had gotten into a verbal argument over marijuana. Deputies found the female involved and she corroborated the story, indicating that after the argument the man had locked her out of the apartment and then she left to go to a friend’s house to cool off. The couple don’t live together and decided to stay apart for the night, the investigation determined that no crime had occurred. 

Harassment: An Animal Control Officer took a phone call from a man that claimed to be named David. He said he had a brain injury, asked a lot of questions and told the officer that he would end himself if his questions weren’t answered. Many of his questions were about the trucks the AC deputies drive and he claimed his doctor tells him his condition will improve if he’s locked in an animal control vehicle and treated like a dog. He then asked if there was anything that Summit County Animal Control could do to help him. When asked for a callback number he disconnected the call. Animal Control quickly identified the scenario that the caller described over the phone as a historically reoccurring fraudulent call. 

April 1st - April 7th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 228,731*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Medical: A 32-year-old man collapsed at a bar at one of the ski resorts – the man was unconscious and not breathing. After Ski Patrol gave CPR, the man regained consciousness and was transported by ambulance to Summit Medical Center. The man’s family members confirmed he suffers from a heart condition and was also intoxicated. 

Suspicious Person: A woman reported a younger man followed her from the bus stop to her apartment. Deputies responded to the scene and called out to the man, who was incoherent, yelling, and climbing in snow. Deputies followed the man toward the apartment building, and he was still exhibiting the same symptoms and would not acknowledge the deputies. Deputies placed the man into protective custody, and he was transported to Summit Medical Center by ambulance for further evaluation. 

Welfare: A nurse at Summit Medical Center requested a welfare check on a 10-year-old female who had a ski accident and was taken to the ski resort medical clinic. The mother told staff that she would take her child to Summit Medical Center herself instead of going by ambulance. The mother and daughter never checked in at the hospital, causing hospital staff to worry due to the daughter’s significant head injury. Deputies were able to determine the mother’s full name and that they live out-of-state. Ski resort security was unable to locate the woman and daughter as guests staying in any of their properties. A voicemail was left for the mother explaining the seriousness of the injury and advising her to reach out to the Summit Medical Center.

Shots: A man reported he heard three gunshots from the area of a local golf course. While in the area, deputies observed fireworks nearby. Deputies searched the area, but they were unable to locate the origin of the fireworks. The man also called back and confirmed what he was hearing was fireworks.

Agency Assist: The Lake County Sheriff’s Office located a homicide/bombing suspect from Mesa County in a Lake County campground and was requested additional resources from nearby agencies. Lake County requested a drone from the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. A Sheriff’s Office Technician and a Detective went to provide air support. The homicide suspect was located deceased in his vehicle, and his death appeared self-inflicted.

Intoxicated: While on a traffic stop, a deputy observed a man stumbling down the median of Highway 9. The deputy walked over to the median and assisted the man, who was highly intoxicated, into the back of her patrol car. The man’s clothing was covered in snow and was frozen to his body. The man was transported by ambulance to Summit Medical Center. 

Welfare / DUI: CDOT reported a truck parked halfway in the right lane that was impeding plow operations. Deputies arrived on scene and observed a man, unconscious in the driver seat with a jacket over his head. Deputies knocked on his window and announced themselves. The man did not move, but he appeared to be breathing. Deputies opened the unlocked front passenger door and called out to the man for approximately 30 seconds with no response. Finally, the man acknowledged the deputies, sat up, spoke undiscernibly and took the jacket off his head. EMTs tried to evaluate the man, but he refused to cooperate. He appeared highly intoxicated, and an empty 18-pack of beer was located on his passenger floorboard. The man physically resisted when he was told he was under arrest, and he continued to be uncooperative while deputies placed him in the patrol car. Both Breckenridge and Frisco Police Departments assisted at Summit Medical Center while the man continued to be uncooperative. The man refused to answer medical questions but was medically cleared for custody at the Summit County Detention Facility. 

Threat: A man riding the Summit Stage bus was reported to be threatening other passengers on the bus with a firearm. The bus driver was instructed to evacuate the bus while law enforcement was still en route. Frisco Police Department was first on scene while the bus was still evacuating, and the driver pointed out the suspect as he exited the bus. Frisco Police Department was able to detain the suspect without incident. Sheriff’s Office deputies interviewed multiple witnesses and determined the man and another passenger got into a verbal argument due to the man’s odd behavior on the bus. The argument escalated, and the man reached into his backpack as if he was going to retrieve a weapon. No witnesses observed a weapon, and the man never indicated that he had a weapon. The man consented to a search of his bag, and deputies did not find a firearm. The investigation revealed no crime, and all parties were allowed back on the bus.

March 25th - March 31st, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 262,789*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Dog at Large: A dog was ejected from a vehicle during a rollover motor vehicle accident on I-70. Summit County Animal Control responded to help catch the dog who was seen on the highway dragging his leash behind him. While scared and running around on the highway he was hit by a vehicle but was still alive & was running East on the West side of the roadway. AC worked with CDOT to close the roadway temporarily to safely get the dog away from traffic. AC managed to catch the dog and took him to the vet immediately. He suffered a broken rib, internal bleeding and several abrasions but is expected to live. His owner was able to take back custody of the dog later that day. 

Road Damage: An upset driver called in to speak with a sergeant regarding a flat tire he got while driving on Loveland Pass, US Hwy 6. It was explained to him that Hwy 6 is maintained by the Colorado Department of Transportation and not Summit County. The driver insisted he would sue Summit County if he wasn’t compensated for the damage. The sergeant suggested he file a complaint with the Colorado State Patrol and the man hung up the phone. On call back, there was no answer and messages requesting a callback were not returned. 

Harassment: A man reported to deputies that he is being harassed by Copper Security for parking in various lots even though he has a parking pass. It was explained to the man that the parking lots are private property and that he needs to follow Copper’s rules which include no camping in any of the parking lots. The same man reported several days later that his RV had been damaged and he was still being harassed by Copper Security. Deputies obtained video footage of the interaction, and observed no harassment by Copper Security or damage done to the RV. The man was ultimately trespassed by Copper Mountain from their properties. Deputies provided a civil stand by while he packed up his things. 

Trespass: A woman staying at a condo in Keystone heard someone walk into her room while she was in the shower. She locked the door to the bathroom and called for help, waiting in the bathroom until deputies arrived. Deputies cleared her unit and found no one was inside and there were no signs of suspicious or criminal activities. 

Trespassing: A caller reported a man attempting to break into the maintenance room at his condo building using some sort of tool. The man was still at the door when deputies arrived and explained his hot water had stopped working and he was trying to access the room so that he could restore heat to his unit. He was warned about the break in attempt and was told to contact maintenance for the building for the water and heat issues. He agreed to return to his unit. A day later, deputies were called back to the same location for another report of a male trying to break into the maintenance room. Deputies responded again and contacted the same man, at his unit this time, who once again complained of issues with his water and heat. He was again warned not to attempt to enter the maintenance closet and to contact property management for issues with his utilities. 

Fraud: A man in unincorporated Breckenridge received a voicemail from someone claiming to be a sheriff’s deputy in a different state. When he called them back he was told that he had a warrant out for his arrest for missing court and told him he could either pay a fine or turn himself in to local authorities with the caveat that if he turned himself in, he’d have to stay in jail for several days. Staying on the phone with the false deputy while he drove to City Market, he then transferred several thousand dollars to the “deputy” using a bitcoin ATM. After not hearing anything for a few days he figured he had been scammed. Investigation ongoing.

DUI: On a routine patrol of Swan Mtn Rd, a deputy came across a vehicle that was pulled over with the hazard lights on. The deputy saw a dog in the back seat that was barking nonstop and a male in the driver’s seat who was non-responsive with what appeared to be a recent head injury. Assisting deputies arrived on scene, because the vehicle’s doors were locked, they first tried to rouse the driver by knocking, yelling and flashing a light in his eyes. Deputies forced entry into the vehicle and confirmed the male was barely breathing, Narcan was administered to the driver because his altered state was consistent with an opioid overdose. After a few moments the man started to regain consciousness, EMS arrived on scene and transported him to the hospital. His dog was taken to the Summit County Animal Shelter and he was given a summons for driving under the influence of drugs.

Dispute: A man invited a long-time friend over to hang out with him and his girlfriend. They all had some drinks and after a while the man decided to go to bed, his girlfriend and the friend stayed up. Eventually, the man got upset that his girlfriend was hanging out with his friend without him and a verbal fight broke out between the couple. The friend, now highly intoxicated, called 911 and stated that he had been threatened and he was scared for his life. Deputies interviewed all involved and found nothing criminal and no signs of any abuse or physical altercation having taken place. 

Domestic Violence: A neighbor called for help when he was woken up in the middle of the night due to screaming and breaking glass in a nearby unit. When deputies arrived on scene they found a man and woman in their unit and observed signs of an altercation. They were interviewed separately and were both initially vague in their descriptions of what happened. Both agreed there was a verbal argument, things were thrown, items in the house destroyed and a door frame was cracked. Further investigation revealed that during the fight the woman hit the man several times causing visible red marks on his face. When the full investigation was complete, she was taken into custody and was charged with assault and domestic violence. 

Dispute: A woman reported an ongoing issue with her upstairs neighbor who regularly dumps a yellowish-brown liquid onto her porch from above, the woman thinks the liquid is urine from a pet. The woman was put in contact with Animal Control and deputies attempted contact with the upstairs neighbor who was not home. The investigation is ongoing.

Assault: Brothers that share an apartment and a car got into a fight over the car keys. One bother accused the other of pushing him multiple times, once causing him to fall to the ground. The other brother denied this and said his brother hates him and lied about the argument being physical. Neither were injured and deputies were unable to substantiate either version of the story. Deputies mediated the situation and one brother agreed to leave for the night to allow them both to calm down. No charges were filed.

March 18th - March 24th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 278,440*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Trespass: A homeowner in unincorporated Breckenridge was told by his snow removal company that an unknown person was at his residence and had told them to leave. He had also noticed a Wi-Fi issue with his security cameras that concerned him. The homeowner hadn’t been home in over a week and was worried that he had left the home unlocked so he asked deputies to check on it for him. Deputies did not find any footprints around the house, found no one inside and didn’t find any indications that it had been recently occupied. The homeowner was advised of the findings and deputies made sure the residence was secure. 

Stray Dog: A stray dog was brought into the shelter by Silverthorne PD. When her owners came to pick her up, it was discovered that the dog was not licensed in Summit County and was not current on her rabies vaccine. Her owner told Animal Control that she didn’t believe in rabies and therefore would not vaccinate her, it was explained to the owner that the dog is required to be vaccinated several times. The dog’s owners were given a citation for failure to vaccinate and license their dog. 

Illegal Camping: Suspecting illegal camping, deputies contacted a vehicle parked at Sapphire Point. A routine clearance of the woman in the vehicle showed that she had a felony warrant out of Texas. She was placed into custody and taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. The woman had two dogs with her that were taken to the Summit County Animal Shelter. 

Threat: Xcel Energy requested a civil standby for a residence while they replaced a gas meter in unincorporated Silverthorne. In their system they had a note advising that the homeowner had threatened to shoot their maintenance worker last time they were on the property. Deputies contacted the homeowner who had no issues with Xcel Energy, it was determined that the note in their system was outdated and likely related to the previous property owner.

Dog at large: Animal Control received a report of a beagle wearing a red jacket that had been running around unattended all morning in Wildernest. Animal control deputies and a community service deputy responded to the area and searched for the dog but were unable to locate him. 

Fraud: A woman reported that she was called by someone claiming to be a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office, he advised her that she missed jury duty and that she either had to pay a large fine or be arrested on a warrant that was out for her arrest. When she asked how to pay, they told her to go to Walmart and to purchase prepaid credit cards. She offered to go to the Justice Center to pay the fine, but she was told if she did, she’d have to use a bondsman and wouldn’t get any of the money back. She was transferred to another individual that claimed to be a Lieutenant, he told her she needed to stay on the phone while she bought the cards and that she would be arrested on the spot if she hung up the phone. She purchased $6,000 in pre-paid cards but only ended up giving them the number for one card worth $300. The investigation is ongoing. 

Child Abuse: A woman found an 8-year-old child all alone that was locked out of his condo in Keystone just after midnight. Deputies arrived and spoke with the child wo told them that he sleepwalks and must’ve gotten locked out of his room. They were able to contact his father on a different floor inside his unit. There were no signs of injury or abuse. They were advised to use the bolt lock to keep the child from getting out in the middle of the night. Nothing criminal. 

Theft Follow Up: A snowboard that was reported stolen from A-Basin was found by the victim on the Facebook marketplace in Lakewood, CO. Collaborating with Lakewood PD, a Lakewood Detective coordinated a meet up with the suspect and using the serial number was able to confirm that the snowboard was the board in question. The suspect was given a summons for theft and was also arrested on 6 outstanding warrants from several Denver area agencies for various theft and burglary charges.

Intoxicated: A tow company was called for a flat tire in the Keystone area. When the tow driver arrived on scene the female driver was not very responsive and wasn’t acting normally. When deputies got on scene and contacted the woman, she was slow to respond & several small liquor bottles and a wine box were seen on the passenger seat. She was unable to verbalize where she came from or where she was going and when she was asked to step out of the of the vehicle, she stumbled and nearly fell over. She claimed that she had not drank any alcohol that day but was unable to complete any roadside maneuvers due to her instability. She was taken into custody and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. She was found to have blood alcohol content that was well over the legal limit and was booked in on several charges.

Disturbance: Employees at a bar/restaurant in Keystone called for assistance with a man that had been kicked out 3 times but kept coming back. They described him as violent although he hadn’t physically fought anyone, however something had upset the man and he did throw an unknown woman’s phone behind the bar. No one was injured and it was unknown if the phone was damaged because the woman left prior to deputies arriving. No charges were filed and the intoxicated man was given a curtesy ride home. 

Assault: A man called deputies to report that bar staff at a bar/restaurant in Keystone threw water on him after kicking him out. An investigation of the situation revealed that the man was being disorderly at the bar and was asked to leave after he threw a drink, he refused to leave. Staff attempted to escort him out and while doing so, he acted like he was passing out. Staff poured some water on his face in an attempt to wake him up. It was determined that no assault had occurred. The intoxicated man was checked by medical staff and was provided a curtesy ride to his residence without incident. 

Missing Person: Deputies received a call from an El Paso County resident that was worried about her mother who had gone snowboarding in Keystone and hadn’t yet returned. It was three hours past when she typically returns home from a day of riding. Her phone has last plotted in the Blue River area using a shared location app on the caller’s phone. About an hour after calling the caller advised that she had made contact with her mother who had gotten stuck in the snow near Hoosier Pass where there was no cell reception. She was on her way home and was okay. 

Trespass: A woman reported an intoxicated male in the hallway of her condo building in unincorporated Dillon that had also forced entry into her apartment. Deputies arrived to find the man sleeping in the foyer of the building, he appeared intoxicated and had blood all over him. He was slurring his words but told deputies that he was staying with a friend who he thought lived there and he had no idea where the blood came from. He thought the apartment that he broke into was his friend’s place. The man was transported to the hospital and was given a summons for trespassing. 

MVA: An intoxicated male decided to hitch a ride home to Summit Cove by holding onto his friend’s car window while riding along side the vehicle on his bicycle. At some point, he lost control of the bicycle, hitting the side of the car before falling to the ground and hitting his head. He was not wearing a helmet and did get injured. He was taken to the hospital by EMS. Because of where the accident occurred, Colorado State Patrol took over the report and any related charges for the incident. 

March 11th - March 17th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 234,616*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Reckless: A male driving in the Dillon Valley area called it to report that another driver nearly struck his vehicle. The caller then flipped off the other driver who then approached his vehicle and challenged him to a fight. To avoid the confrontation the caller drove away and contacted a deputy. He did not get a license plate for the vehicle and deputies were unable to locate the other driver. 

Fraud: A man in Keystone was given information from a friend about a program that was said to help people pay their rent. When he reached out to them, they said they would pay ½ of his rent. For that to happen, he only had to send ½ of the total due to them and then said they would then pay the full amount to his landlord. He made three different payments to the fraudulent company using Wells Fargo and Zelle, but his rent was never paid. This investigation is ongoing. 

Domestic: A couple visiting Keystone with their three young children got into an argument over dishes, money, who works & household duties. The husband was angry that his wife didn’t clean up after he cooked breakfast which escalated into an argument about how the wife doesn’t work & only takes care of their children, this led to the husband throwing an iPad at the ceiling of their condo in an attempt to break it. He then cancelled all of his wife’s credit cards, took the cash from her wallet and cancelled an elective surgery that she had scheduled. The wife told deputies that her husband has a temper and the husband told deputies that his wife doesn’t communicate well about their budget and spends money recklessly. The investigation didn’t lead to any charges but the husband agreed to get his own room for the night so that everyone could cool off. 

Animal Welfare Check: A caller reported that when she was walking her dog behind a parked vehicle, a dog jumped out of the car window and was acting aggressively towards her and her dog. The aggressive dog was tied to a leash inside the vehicle and couldn’t get to them. When the Animal Control officer got on scene the aggressive dog’s owner was there and had put the dog back inside the vehicle. The dog’s owner was visibly upset and ran out as soon as she was aware that he had jumped out. She realized that she had left the window down too far and was very apologetic. She was educated on what could have happened if her dog was able to get to the woman and her dog and also what could happen if the leash had been shorter and he had choked himself. Her dog was not licensed in Summit County and she was given information on how to license him if she will be in the county for more than 2 weeks. 

Assault: A woman reported that in a Keystone parking lot, she walked past a vehicle with a speaker near it that was playing loud music and that she yelled out for them to turn it down. When she was past the vehicle, she picked up snow and threw it at the speaker. She stated that a man came of the vehicle, ran towards her and threw her to the ground. She said that he then left in his vehicle. The man involved told deputies that he was cooking a meal in his vehicle when a woman walked by and kicked snow on his speaker, he confronted her and asked what she was doing but denied the interaction being physical in any way. The woman didn’t want to press any charges. Report taken. 

Noise Complaint: Deputies received a complaint around five in the morning regarding the noise that plow trucks were making while clearing snow. The owner of the plow company was contacted by deputies and the county noise ordinance was reviewed. In the county ordinance, there is no statute against snowplows specifically but there is an ordinance regarding how many decibels of noise any vehicle can create. The plow’s noise was well below this ordinance level. This was all explained to the caller who was not happy with the outcome, no action was taken. 

MVA’s / CSP Assist: Deputies assisted the Colorado State Patrol on Hwy 9 past Blue River because local troopers were busy on I-70. During a large snowstorm, multiple semi-trucks were blocking the road. While deputies waited for tow trucks to remove the semi’s they assisted several other motorists that had slid off the road due to extreme weather and loss of traction on the roadway. Deputies were tied up for several hours dealing with the storm and the effects it had on travel. 

Assault: Security for a hotel in Keystone requested assistance from deputies for a male that was causing a disturbance over a parking ticket. The man, a guest at the hotel, came to the front desk & was very irate. He screamed and yelled at the front desk employee until he eventually left. He then called the front desk and continued to berate the employee some more. About 15 minutes later the man returned to the lobby, yelled more expletives at the same employee then left again, but only for a brief moment. On his return, he smacked a container of pens off the counter hitting a nearby employee in the face with it, then left, yet again. Security and another hotel employee followed him outside this time to keep him from returning and the man turned around and shoved the employee to the ground and then grabbed the security guard and pushed him down onto the ground before hopping in his car to leave. He was subsequently charged with both assault and harassment over his actions and was trespassed from the hotel.

Burglary: A man came home and found one pane of his double paned sliding glass door broken with a metal shovel sitting next to it. He found that his kitchen window was open & the screen had been ripped out as well as finding small amounts of blood on the door, window and inside his residence. His mountain bike, computer and ski equipment were untouched, but his dog was missing. He suspected that his ex-fiancé had broken into his residence but wasn’t sure. Deputies contacted his ex-fiancé and she admitted to breaking into the residence because she was afraid that the man was on a bender and was neglecting the dog. She agreed to bring the dog back if the man gave her some of her things back. Deputies facilitated the exchange, afterwards she was placed under arrest on multiple charges and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility.

Trespass: A woman left her car parked at the Quandary Peak Trailhead for about 6-7 hours, when she returned to her vehicle after her hike, she found three of her windows broken. Inside the vehicle, nothing was damaged or missing. Investigation ongoing.

Intoxicated Person: Deputies were called to a condo building in Keystone because a visibly intoxicated woman was yelling outside the building. A deputy arrived on scene and found the woman with obvious signs of impairment swaying from side to side and unable to keep her balance. A routine clearance in the system found that the woman was listed on a restraining order and by court order was not allowed to possess or consume alcohol. She was placed under arrest and was first taken to the hospital for medical clearance and then to the Summit County Detentions Facility for violation of a protection order. She was not cooperative with deputies or medical staff. 

Reckless Driving / Weapon: A driver called dispatch to report an aggressive driver that was weaving in and out of traffic to get around his vehicle. His passenger stated that he saw the driver hold up a handgun in anger when he was unable to get around them. The caller didn’t see the gun & was not willing to sign an official complaint. He told deputies that he just wanted the incident documented. No license plate information was given on the suspect vehicle and the caller would not provide contact information for his passenger. Without much information to go on, deputies were unable to locate the suspect vehicle. 

March 4th - March 10th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 267,576*
*Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Domestic Violence: A woman reported that her boyfriend had physically assaulted her and a visiting friend the night before. The boyfriend, who she claims has a drinking problem, was intoxicated and accused her of cheating on him, her friend stepped in to defend her and a physical fight followed. The boyfriend then pulled out a firearm and threatened to shoot the friend. During the investigation another incidence of domestic violence was established and corroborated by witnesses. The boyfriend was arrested on several charges and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Disturbance: A skier at Keystone, who was reported to be intoxicated, assaulted someone in the lift line. Ski Patrol was with the male, who was being uncooperative, and asked for deputies to respond. An investigation into the incident revealed that the man was not intoxicated, and the victim had left the scene. The man shouted obscenities at deputies throughout the entire encounter and threatened to sue them multiple times. The victim, reached by phone, did not want to press any charges, but the man’s ski pass was revoked and he was trespassed from all Keystone properties.

Dog Bite: A FedEx driver delivering a package in Keystone was bit by a dog in the driveway of a residence. He denied medical attention as the bite did not break the skin. Animal Control took a report and the dog’s owner was educated and warned. 

Dispute: A homeowner in unincorporated Breckenridge had a complaint that her neighbor had installed a camera that was facing her property which was making her uncomfortable. The neighbors are involved in an ongoing dispute over the homeowner’s dog who is accused of defecating on the neighbor’s lawn. The camera was found to be pointing down towards the area where the dog continues to defecate, which was not the caller’s property. She was advised that her neighbor has the right to video their own property and that no invasion of privacy was occurring. 

Fraud: A former Summit County resident living out of state at the moment called to report that her credit card was being used daily at a local liquor store. The charges totaled around 3,000. This investigation is ongoing.

Domestic Violence: A woman reported that her husband had punched her in the face multiple times during an argument about his drinking and other issues in their relationship. She had bruising and red marks on her face and he admitted to hitting her. The husband was arrested for assault and domestic violence and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Noise: Deputies received a noise complaint for a short-term rental at a condo building in Keystone, the caller claimed there was a party of approximately 20 people that were yelling and breaking things. Deputies were not able to respond immediately but when contact was made at the residence, everyone inside was sleeping. A warning was issued for noise. 

Fraud: A woman called in to report that her husband had been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be a special agent with the Inspector General. In his repeated calls, he told him that his social security number had been used by somebody else which had led to a warrant being issued for his arrest. He made several attempts to get personal information from her husband and also told him not to tell anyone about the warrant or that he was calling him. The warrant was clearly fake with missing dates, signatures and fake charges, but was made to look like a federal warrant. No personal information was shared and they took measure to secure their identities & the deputy advised them on ways to further protect themselves. 

Domestic: A married couple going through a divorce are still living together & the woman involved came to deputies to report escalating hostility, threats and harassment from her estranged husband. In one instance he called her 31 times and sent 22 harassing and threatening texts in less than 30 minutes. She reported that he has locked her out of the house, won’t answer her calls regarding their children and that his behavior is escalating to a point where she is afraid of him. Deputies met with the man and he admitted that he is angry that she wants a divorce but was aware that what he was doing is wrong. After the investigation was complete, he was arrested on charges of harassment and domestic violence and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Search and Rescue: An 85-year-old man out on a hike near Lake Dillon took a shortcut on the trail and ended up getting stuck in knee deep snow. The Summit County Spec Ops team as well as Search and Rescue responded and were able to recover the man from the trail without incident or injury. 

Harassment: While a father was parking his truck in Keystone, his two sons went into the condo building to wait for him. When he came into the building he found his two sons talking to an unknown male who asked the father if he wanted to wrestle. He said he didn’t, and they all got into the elevator. When the unknown male left the elevator, he reached for the son’s groin area and the father smacked his hand away. The father was unsure if the male was intoxicated or just being playful. He didn’t want to press charges but asked for extra patrol in the area and gave deputies a description of the suspect.