Inmate Services

Inmate Commissary

Commissary items are those items inmates can purchase through their own funds, such as bars of soap, shampoo / conditioner, deodorant, candy, snacks, etc. Commissary orders are placed weekly. The money for purchases will be deducted from the inmate’s commissary account when the order is placed. Commissary is normally delivered on Wednesday.

Funds may be deposited into an inmate’s commissary account via cash, non-cancelable money order or cashier’s check. These transactions will be handled via U.S. mail or in person at the booking window.

Funds may also be deposited into an inmate's commissary account via an online payment system.

Please Note: Summit County uses a 3rd party payment processor through the Colorado State Internet Portal Authority to process online payments. This 3rd party processor charges a fee to the user, the amount of which is dependent on the method of payment. Summit County does not have any control over the amount of these fees, nor do we receive any portion of them. The fee information below may change without our knowledge and is provided "as-is".

  • Paying via Credit Card - fee is based on a percentage of the amount paid plus a flat fee of $0.75
You may click on the link below to make an inmate commissary payment online. You will be taken to the State's payment portal to enter your payment information.

Make Inmate Commissary Payment

Inmate Mail

Inmates may receive mail from outside sources. All inmate mail should be mailed to the Summit County Detention Facility, c/o the inmate’s name, P.O. Box 210, Breckenridge, Colorado 80424. Magazines are discouraged in the facility. Hard cover books are not allowed. Inmates may receive paperback books directly from publishing companies like Amazon. Mail is delivered to inmates Monday through Friday. Any inappropriate mail will be placed in the inmate’s property bag, which he / she will receive when he / she is released from the facility. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, glossed paper, Polaroid photos, stickers, and cutouts from magazines, stamps and photographs containing nudity.

Inmate Phones

Inmates may make collect calls, or may purchase phone time from the inmate phone system. Inmates may purchase phone time through their commissary ordering. Ordering phone time is as easy as entering a pin code and following the prompts. Those funds will automatically transfer to the inmate’s debit phone account. The Inmate Phone System also offers convenient options for friends and family to place funds on an inmate’s phone account as well. Visit for more information.

Inmate Programs

The Summit County Detention Facility offers a variety of programs in an effort to meet inmate needs. Many programs are staffed by unpaid civilian volunteers.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Program: This program is offered by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Meeting schedules may vary, depending on how often the volunteers are available to meet remotely.

Inmate Trustee Program: Only inmates who have been sentenced to jail on a criminal case are eligible to become Trustees. There are a variety of Trustee jobs available, and gender is not a factor in the selection. Trustees are statutorily eligible for additional good time sentence reductions, based on their work performance.

Library Program: During normal recreation times, inmates may be able to obtain books from the Library. These materials are donated to the facility specifically for inmate use.

Recreation: Inmate recreation for all cellblocks is offered six days per week. Sunday is reserved for Trustees. Outdoor recreation will be available depending on the weather conditions.

Religious Programs: Bible study classes may be provided by volunteers from local religious organizations. All inmates may attend unless the inmate is currently on disciplinary restrictions. Separate services are provided for male and female inmates. Due to the safely and security concerns, no religious items such as metal crosses or necklaces are allowed.

Work Release Program: Inmates who are eligible for Work Release are given Information Sheets upon request at the time of booking. Program guidelines and instructions on how to apply are included. Alternatively, documents can be downloaded below in order to complete the paperwork before booking:

Work Release Info Sheet

Work Release Procedures

Work Release Application

Work Release Contract

Work Release Trustee Inmate Worker Form

Work Release Employer Acknowledgement Form

Eligibility for the Work Release program requires verification of employment; the sentencing judge must also have given his/her consent and include this information on the inmate’s Mittimus. The inmate’s employer/supervisor is required to submit the inmate’s work schedule on a weekly basis. During an inmate’s time out of the facility, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office will conduct random checks to ensure the inmate is physically present at his/her designated work site.

Upon gaining approval for participation in the Work Release Program, the inmate will be required to pay a $500.00 deposit before beginning the program. Charges for the program are $45.00 per day worked for in-county sentencing, and $65.00 per day for out-of-county sentencing, plus $25.00/week for random Urinalysis testing).

For more information on the Work Release Program, please email [email protected].

Inmate Property Release

Inmate property can be released to family and or friends after the inmate completes a release form in which the inmate may specify what property he/she wants released.

Medical / Medication Information

Med Call: The Summit County Detention Facility has regularly scheduled Medication Call Times twice daily so inmates can obtain their prescribed and over-the-counter medications. 

Medical Appointments: Medical and dental care is provided to inmates when necessary. For all treatment, inmates may be charged a co-pay. If an inmate is indigent, a negative balance will accrue. All funds deposited to an inmate’s account will first be used to offset the negative balance.

Mental Health: There is an in-house jail-based mental health team that responds to all inmate mental health concerns. Counseling is provided by mental health therapists. The Summit County Detention Facility offers two programs: Group Mental Health Counseling and one-on-one sessions conducted in private with a counselor.

Pre-existing Condition: A pre-existing condition is a physical or mental condition, disability or illness an inmate may have had prior to being booked in to the detentions facility. All inmates are 100% financially responsible for treatment of any pre-existing condition; this includes the full charge for physician’s fees, as well as all medications prescribed.

When a person is held in custody in a county jail, that person shall be primarily responsible for the payment of the cost of medical care provided to the person for a self-inflicted injury or a condition that was preexisting prior to the person’s arrest and shall be charged for the medical care by the provider of care. Inmates will be required to pay 100% of expenses for pre-existing medical conditions, injuries or illnesses that are self inflicted, caused by mutual combat or as a result of justifiable use of force by staff.

Prescription Medication Information: All medications previously prescribed will need to be verified by in-house medical staff. No outside medication will be admitted into the facility. Upon verification from the providers, medications will be continued and ordered from the pharmacy that is contracted.

Medical Assisted Treatment:  The Summit County Detention Facility provides all types of FDA-approved medication-assisted treatment (MAT) as outlined in House Bill 22-1326.