Summit County adopted Addressing, Road Naming, and Numbering Regulations in 1990. The intent of the regulations are to:

  • Improve the efficiency of locating properties
  • Describe a uniform property identification system within the unincorporated areas of Summit County
  • Assist emergency service providers to respond more quickly and reliably
  • Promote the health, safety, order, convenience, prosperity, and welfare of inhabitants of Summit County
Addressing System Used in Summit County

Addresses in unincorporated Summit County are assigned using a mileage based system, commonly referred to as the milepost system. The milepost system breaks every mile-long section of a roadway into 1,000 parts, meaning a different address number would occur every 5.28 feet.

Even numbers addresses are on one side of the road and odd on the opposite side. Addresses for a residence are typically assigned at the point where the driveway serving the residence intersects the road. Using this system, an address of 500 would occur one-half mile from the origin of the road, and 501 would be directly across the road.

Address Assignment

Summit County assigns addresses to new development as part of the development review process. Addresses will be assigned prior to the beginning of any construction activity in a development. More details about the specific procedures that are used is available in the Addressing, Road Naming, and Numbering Regulations.

Addresses in Summit County are primarily used for property location. Most areas of the county don’t have postal delivery, however, property location, or site addresses should, whenever possible, follow the US Postal Service’ standards. The standards are described in USPS Publication 28 - Postal Addressing Standards.

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