Accessory Dwelling Unit

The Summit County Land Use & Development Code allows for accessory apartments and caretaker units in certain zoning districts, with certain restrictions. Accessory apartments and caretaker units require administrative review by the Summit County Planning Department prior to the issuance of a building permit.  

Regulations on Accessory Units

There have been various types of covenants recorded on properties with Accessory Apartments since 1982 when "Secondary Units" were added to the Code. All of these covenants have different requirements in regards to rental terms such as employment, rental procedures, friends and family and vacancy.  

If you have any question about your Accessory Apartment please contact the Housing Department.

If you are looking for help renting your accessory unit, please contact the Summit Combined Housing Authority at [email protected]

Accessory Dwelling Unit Covenants

All ADU’s in Summit County are required to have a deed restriction on them limiting them to occupancy by a Qualified Occupant (local worker) or a Relative of the Property owner. The County currently has 3 different ADU covenants. 

These include:

Standard ADU Covenant (No fee waiver) This covenant may be best suited for someone who is not expecting to keep an ADU for 10 years. This covenant can be found here.

ADU Fee Waiver This covenant is best for someone who is expecting to keep an ADU for 10 years and would like to benefit from having all building, planning and engineering fees waived. This form can be found here.

ADU Assistance Program Covenant This covenant is only for ADU’s who have been approved for the Summit County ADU Assistance Program. More information about the ADU Assistance Program and the ADU Assistance Program Covenant be found can be found here.

Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance Program

Document (4)The Summit County Housing Department has implemented a new program called the Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance Program to assist in the creation of accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) in unincorporated Summit County (attached and detached). Depending on the situation, Summit County will reimburse up to $60,000 of the cost of constructing new ADU’s. In areas with participating Water and Sewer districts these funds can be used to pay water and sewer tap fees up front. There is also funding available to create new ADU’s in existing homes and to convert non-compliant ADU’s into compliant ADU’s. Please contact Don Bantam for questions about this program. 

For more information on the ADU Assistance program please contact:

Don Bantam
Housing Project Manager
[email protected]

ADU Stock Plans

Summit County is in the final phases of work with Design Path Studios from Encinitas, California to create ADU stock plans. These plans will be available free of charge to homeowners in Summit, saving them the time and cost of working with an architect to design an ADU for their property. These plans can be used by homeowners regardless of whether they are participating in the ADU Assistance Program. More information on the ADU Stock Plans is available at this link.