Land Use Development Code

The purpose of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code is to protect, promote and enhance public health and safety; to provide for planned and orderly development in Summit County in a manner consistent with the constitutional rights of property owners; and to balance the needs of a changing population with legitimate environmental concerns.

The Code categorizes the unincorporated areas of Summit County into a series of zoning districts. For each district, the Code specifies which land uses are permitted, conditional, temporary, accessory or not allowed. The Code also includes regulations on signs, lot sizes, minimum setbacks, proportion of a lot allowed to be developed, open space, parking and the location, height and size of buildings.

Please contact the Planning Department at 970-668-4200 or [email protected] for any questions about the Code or for zoning and planning-related questions. 

Summit County's Land Use and Development Code is available at the below link:

Summit County Land Use and Development Code