Volunteer Information

You can assist Open Space and Trails by volunteering! Individuals, organizations and businesses can work on an Open Space or Trails project during a single, volunteer work day or through ongoing commitment to adopt a section of trail, Recpath or open space.

Work Day

Join Open Space and Trails staff with your family, business or organization to participate in a one day project catered to your group. We'll provide all tools, education and crew leaders. The day, time, project and location isvol1 worked out with group leader to meet the needs of all involved. Ideal project times last from 3-6 hours.

This is a great opportunity for local business groups, companies based in the front range, school groups, and more. 

Responsibilities range from light maintenance, natural resource monitoring and litter pickup to new trail construction. In exchange for this commitment and great sense of personal satisfaction, the County will provide training, tools, snacks, refreshments, and Open Space and Trails SWAG.

For just a small commitment of your time you can make a huge difference. Many of our volunteers have the good fortune of enjoying the results of their hard work in the form of new trails or recreational amenities. Come join our volunteer program this summer and help make the trails, Recpath, and Open Space properties the outstanding amenities that make Summit County so unique!

Contact Brad at 970-668-4180 to schedule a volunteer work day.


Volunteers make a two-year commitment to adopt-a-section of Recpath, natural surface trail, or open space. Most volunteers get out some time in late April or early May for the first cleanup of the season. They continue throughout the summer into late September or early October working on their adopted open space property or trail twice a month. Some volunteers have adopted trails for more than ten years!

Responsibilities include litter pickup, small debris removal, gravel sweeping, and reporting any vandalism or larger maintenance needs. In exchange for this commitment, the county provides training and tools, in addition to recognition through signage and events.

Volunteering to Adopt-a-Trail has many benefits including free advertising for yourself, family, business, or organization on the Adopt-a-Trail sign which thousands of users see each summer, team-building and/or family time, and a chance to give back to this great community we live in. Not to mention, all participants are thanked and recognized at an event at the end of the adoption season and those that put in the most hours each summer get bonus prizes! 

Contact Allison at 970-668-4213 to adopt-a-trail.

Volunteer Weed Pullsvol3

Open Space and Trails has teamed up with the Summit County Weeds Department to sponsor volunteer noxious weed pulls at Open Space properties. Eradicating noxious weeds is vitally important to maintaining healthy soils, conserving water, and protecting native vegetation. We can't do it without your help!

The next County-wide weed pull is on July 13, 2024. For more information, email Jordan Mead, resource specialist with the Open Space and Trails Department. The Weed of the Week column in the Summit Daily is also a great source of information for learning about noxious weeds and volunteer opportunities.

We will provide tools, supplies, work gloves, sunscreen, and refreshments.

Volunteer Forms