New Residents

Welcome to Summit County!

Registration is required by law within 90 days of establishing Colorado residency.  Come see us at our location in Breckenridge with the following materials, we'll be happy to help you.


The following documents are required:

  • Verifiable Identification
  • Colorado Residency Establishment Form
  • Current Registration or Title (if your financial institution has your title, just bring your current registration)
  • Bring the vehicle with you, and park in one of the designated "VIN Inspection" parking spaces in the Old Courthouse's parking lot.  If you can't bring the vehicle in for a VIN inspection, bring in a completed VIN Inspection Form - Colorado
  • Proof of Colorado Insurance (we cannot accept Insurance from any other State)
  • Appropriate funds (reminder: there is an additional convenience charge through the card processing vendor for all debit and credit card transactions)