West Hills Phase 1 Photo of Completed Units

The Housing Department works in collaboration with  community partners and neighboring jurisdictions to implement the County’s housing-related goals and strategies.

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Key Functions

The key functions of the Summit County Housing Department include:

  • Workforce Housing Development
  • Land and Housing Asset Acquisition and Management
  • Housing Policy and Strategy Development.

Housing Projects

Summit County Housing Department works independently and in collaboration with various private and public partners to develop affordable workforce housing in Summit County, with a focus on local resident / workforce housing. 

Property Information & Deed Restrictions

The Housing Department manages the county’s inventory of all deed restricted for sale and rental units as well as approved accessory dwelling units. For more information concerning a deed restriction on your property, check out our Property Info and Deed Restrictions page, contact the Housing Department or use the Summit County GIS Parcel Query Tool.


The Housing Department works with Summit County Management and other Departments on policy creation, revisions and direction. Section 3809 of the Summit County Land Use Code in conjunction with the Affordable Workforce Housing Deed Restriction Guidelines (pdf) guide the development of local resident housing in Summit County. 


Other opportunities for housing related resources are listed on the Resources page.

2022 Updated Housing Report (PDF)

2021 Housing Plan (PDF)

County 101: "Housing the Missing Middle"

See the Summit Daily article about "Housing the Missing Middle" A video recap is available on our YouTube channel here.

Short Term Rentals:

Short Term Rentals are handled by the Planning Department. More Information about Short Term Rentals can be found here.

Housing Code Audit:

The County recently completed a Code Audit for Workforce Housing to identify barriers to workforce housing in the Land Use and Development Code (Code) and provide recommended edits to remove said barriers as well as update standards and procedures to ensure that the County can support the desired housing as identified by the Board of County Commissioners and relevant policy documents. 

Una actualización en ESPAÑOL sobre los proyectos  de vivienda terminados recientemente. 

Se discutirá el tiempo de disponibilidad de las unidades y una descripción general de la estrategia de vivienda en Summit County, que incluye conversiones de unidades de alquiler a corto plazo, nuevos proyectos de construcción y otras estrategias, como unidades de vivienda accesorias (ADU).