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Summit County, Colorado Government Website Policies and Procedures

The Summit County Government Website is a proprietary, editorial function of the Summit County Government, created and maintained in order to promote and facilitate the internal operations of the Summit County government and service the public. No use of the Summit County Government Website for purposes outside of the objectives set forth above shall be permitted at any time.

    1. The Summit County Government Website is a non-public forum and is not provided to serve as a designated forum for any type of speech in any capacity. Nevertheless, all regulations and restrictions promulgated herein shall be implemented in a content neutral manner.
    2. The Summit County Government Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) may, from time to time, in the exercise of its sole discretion and varying degree and quantity, provide hyperlinks to web sites outside of and independent from the Website. Such hyperlinks are provided solely as a convenience to the Website user, in order to allow visitors of the Website to link to other pages in an attempt to obtain information or contacts regarding matters pertinent to the purposes of Summit County Government and/or local community interests.
    3. Policy and Disclaimer Notices
      1. All pages of the Website providing any hyperlinks shall provide the following disclaimer notice:The hyperlinks provided herein on the Summit County Government Website are not under the direct or indirect control of the Summit County Government, and are provided solely as a convenience to you. By clicking on any such hyperlinks, you will be leaving the Summit County Government Website entirely. Accordingly, our provision of these links does not in any manner, express or implied, approve or promote, make any representation regarding, warrant the accuracy of any information, or endorse any opinions expressed on any of these outside websites. You heretofore shall hold Summit County harmless for the content or nature of any website linked to herein. If you have a question or comment regarding any of these outside websites or any of the content contained therein, please contact them directly on their site and not on any of our feedback sections.
      2. All outside links from the Summit County Government Website to outside websites shall be marked with a globe or other appropriate icon, and some sort of notice text box, notifying the user that such website(s) are located outside of the Summit County Government Website in the worldwide web.
      3. The Summit County Website Policy, in its entirety, shall be made available via a textual link on the Summit County Government Website.
    4. Website links, available on a limited basis, shall only be made available for entities and applicants who, in the exercise of the sound editorial discretion of the Summit County Government, meet the following criteria:
      1. Hyperlinks are only available from the Summit County Government Website to websites maintained by governmental, charitable, educational, public health, scientific or cultural organizations or entities, entities whose primary purpose is the promotion of the general non-particularized commerce of Summit County Community, and/or organizations that receive direct financial support from the County;
      2. Organizations or entities meeting the criteria in subpart C(i) above will only be permitted to utilize a hyperlink from the Summit County government if the stated focus or purpose of such an entity is to directly promote the health, safety, welfare, or general commerce of the residents and visitors of Summit County;
      3. Hyperlinks shall not be made available to any newspapers, periodicals, or any other similar news gathering organization or entity, due to concerns regarding the dissemination of political or ideological materials to a captive audience. Notwithstanding the foregoing, press releases prepared by Summit County, for release to the press, may be made available on the Website, and any such news organization may hyperlink from its own website to the Summit County Government Website;
      4. In order to fully comply with the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act, C.R.S. §1-45-101, et. seq., avoid the appearance of County endorsement or favoritism of any political content, and minimize the chance of abuse and the risk of imposing upon an unwilling audience, hyperlinks to sites whose primary or underlying purpose is to promote any political or ideological message or agenda are prohibited, and shall not be made available to any sites that are so associated.
    5. The Summit County Government reserves the right, from time to time, as deemed appropriate, to undertake the following editorial functions in the management of its Website:
      1. Limit or adjust the maximum number of hyperlinks made available through the Website;
      2. Remove all hyperlinks from the Website in its entirety;
      3. Remove hyperlinks to any websites determined, after subsequent review, in the sole editorial discretion of the Summit County Government, to no longer serve the prerequisite purposes set forth generally in Section D herein;
      4. Remove hyperlinks to any website deemed to be patently offensive or objectionable to the users of the Website, residents and visitors of Summit County, Colorado, or which overtly or implicitly threaten the health, safety, or welfare of such individuals.
    6. Decisions regarding the establishment of a hyperlink from the Website shall be made by the Summit County Government management in accordance with the following process:
      1. Once the appropriate manager reviews an application for a hyperlink and makes an administrative determination that the application is sufficient, complete, and may potentially fall within the parameters set forth by these guidelines, all such applications deemed appropriate shall be referred to the Office of the Summit County Manager for approval or denial according to established administrative procedures. The decision and the grounds therefore will be indicated to the applicant in writing.
      2. The Applicant will have ten days from the receipt of such written notice, which shall be presumed to be received within four working days from the day executed by the Office of the Summit County Manager, to appeal that decision directly to Summit County Board of County Commissioners or their designated decision making authority.
    7. This policy may be amended from time to time, in whole or in part, as deemed appropriate by the Summit County Government.
    8. If any provision of this policy is held invalid or unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, such decision shall not invalidate this ordinance in its entirety, and to this end the provisions of this ordinance are declared to be severable.

Summit County, Colorado Government SMS Privacy Policy

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