Why did I receive a Notice of Valuation?

Colorado County Assessors are required to provide property owners in their respective counties a notice of valuation for each taxable property annually.  In even numbered years NOVs are generally sent out in January together with the tax bill for the property.  In odd numbered years NOVs are sent out on May 1st.  In even numbered years NOVs for properties that experienced significant change, e.g. new construction, remodels and destroyed properties, are sent out on May 1st.

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1. Why did I receive a Notice of Valuation?
2. Is a Notice of Valuation a bill?
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7. Why is my value higher than my neighbor’s if our properties are the same?
8. How do I know if my property has been correctly valued?
9. Where can I find comparable sales?
10. How can I view the adjustments to the sales used to value my property?
11. I haven’t made changes to my property, but my value and taxes have gone up. Why?
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13. What is “time trending” and how does it affect my property’s value?
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