Why is the coroner involved?
State law requires that the coroner be notified on all deaths resulting from sudden, violent, unattended, unexpected, or unusual deaths. The coroner inquires into the circumstances surrounding the death and determines the cause and manner of death through investigation by utilizing witness accounts, past medical or psychological history, toxicology testing, or by ordering an autopsy.

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1. I have been notified of a death. What is my next step?
2. Why is the coroner involved?
3. Will an autopsy be performed?
4. What about organ / tissue donation?
5. Where do I obtain a death certificate?
6. What can I do if there is no money for funeral arrangements?
7. Where does my loved one get taken?
8. Do I need to make an identification?
9. May I see my loved one?
10. How long will it take before you release my loved one?
11. How do I obtain personal effects and items taken into evidence?
12. How do I obtain an Autopsy Report or Coroner’s Report?
13. What is the policy on spreading ashes?