I have been notified of a death. What is my next step?
Once you have been notified of a death you will need to select a funeral home to make arrangements. Many decedents are not from the area so you should be aware that if you are from out of state, you may choose to make arrangements with your local funeral home of choice. They, in turn, will make arrangements with a funeral home in Colorado if the body is to be sent out of state. If you wish to come to Colorado and want to use a Colorado funeral home, keep in mind that the coroner cannot recommend a funeral home or make funeral arrangements.

Visit the Colorado Funeral Directors Association website to find a list of Denver area funeral homes or you can call our office for a list to be faxed or emailed. If you have any other questions, please call our office at (970) 668-2964.

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1. I have been notified of a death. What is my next step?
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