How do I appeal my value?
  • Appeals must be filed in writing and can be delivered to the Assessor, by mail, email, online, or in person with an appointment. Filing instructions are provided on the Appeals page and in the following "How do I file an appeal by..." questions below. Please file your appeal using only one method; multiple submissions for the same schedule will be rejected.
  • The appeal period is May 1 to June 8 in 2023. To preserve your right to object, your appeal must be postmarked, emailed, filed online or delivered in person on or before June 8. Appeals filed late are not accepted. A Notice of Determination will be sent by the Assessor’s Office to appealing property owners on June 30.

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1. How do I appeal my value?
2. How do I file an appeal by email?
3. What information should I include with my appeal?
4. How do I file an appeal by mail?
5. How do I file an appeal in person?
6. How do I file an appeal online?
7. How do I file an appeal with a phone call?
8. Why does the Assessor ask for my contact information?
9. Can another person file an appeal for me (Authorized Agents)?
10. What is the appeal filing deadline?
11. When does the Assessor send a response to my appeal?
12. How does the Assessor's Office review and make a decision about my valuation appeal?