How can I view the adjustments to the sales used to value my property?
  • The Summit County Assessor’s Office uses a statistical technique called multiple regression analysis (MRA), which analyses all the qualified sales from the data collection period are to build models that predict what a property would sell for as of the Appraisal date of June 30, 2020, based on its characteristics. We did not use the “Sales Comparison” approach where adjustments are made to specific comparable sales.
  • You can view a selection of representative Comparable Sales for your property by visiting the Notice of Valuation Archive Viewer ( and searching your property using your schedule number. The Notice of Valuation Archive Viewer will show a selection of comparable sales, and you can also click on “Appraiser Report – Comparable Sales” to see more information, including pictures and a map of the comparable sales. The comparable sales are provided to demonstrate how the value of your property falls within the range of sales prices of properties with similar characteristics from the data collection period. This document illustrates the adjustments made, but is not the basis for the valuation. Since your property’s actual value calculation was using MRA, only changing the property characteristics of your property that were adjusted for in the model will affect the value, not selecting a different comparable sale.

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