How do I start or take over a food establishment?
For a new facility: You must fill out a plan review packet. This will give you details of Environmental Health requirements for retail food service. For example, all retails food service facilities must provide employee an employee hand washing sink, a place to wash dishes and a mop sink. Once this is submitted with associated documents and fees, you will be given a list of any additional requirements as well as instructions on how to proceed.
For a change of ownership of an existing facility: Contact Environmental Health, (970) 668-4070, to set up a walk-through inspection of the facility. An inspector will meet you onsite and if any part of the facility is not meeting current Colorado State Regulations, it will have to be corrected. A fee of $75 will be collected on site for the inspection.
In either instance, once you have been approved by this department, you will need to obtain a Retail Food License and pay for the current year’s license, this is not prorated and will be the same whether you open your business in January or December. More detailed information can be found on our
Retail Food page

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1. How do I start or take over a food establishment?
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