Photo of large piles of rocks in a former river valley damaged by mining.

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Oct 04

Reach A Grand Opening Save The Date - Tuesday, 10/15/2019 @ 1PM

Posted on October 4, 2019 at 4:44 PM by Jason Lederer

We are excited to announce that the Summit County Board of Commissioners will host a grand opening of the Swan River Restoration Project Reach A site on Tuesday, October 15th at 1 PM. The event will occur at a new trailhead along Rock Island Road. Parking is available near the intersection of Tiger Road and Rock Island Road.

In addition to providing habitat for a variety of aquatic and terrestrial species, as well as numerous other natural resource values, the site contains a new natural surface trail between the Browns Gulch trailhead and Rock Island Road providing access for biking, hiking, running, angling, skiing, snowshoeing, and other passive, non-motorized recreational uses.

Following are some photos of the new trail alignment through the site; adjacent to the new channel, as well as through the forested upland areas immediately to the south. 

We hope you are able to attend and celebrate the opening of this reclaimed piece of open space. Please do not hesitate to contact Jason Lederer at, or 970-668-4213 with any questions.

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