Summit County Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds are non-native plants that disrupt native vegetation because they have no natural controls and are able to adapt to varied conditions. As a result of the Colorado Noxious Weed Act, these weeds have been placed on three separate lists.

List A Plants: Eliminate everywhere

List B Plants: Spread should be stopped

List C Plants: Control is recommended

The Summit County Weed brochure (pdf) contains a list of noxious weeds found in Summit County and includes photos and characteristics to help identify noxious weeds. Visit Middle Park Conservation District Noxious Weed Management Guide (pdf) for an additional source for identifying and managing noxious weeds.  Call Summit County Weed Control at (970) 668-4218 to inquire about the best method of eradication for each weed species.

Daisy Comparison
If you are confused about whether or not your daisies are noxious, take a look at these photos (pdf) - Oxeye Daisy and Scentless Chamomile are noxious weeds; Shasta Daisy is not!

Thistles - Native or Non-Native?
Colorado's native thistle species are valuable to pollinators, seed-feeders and browsing wildlife. However, several non-native species threaten agriculture and natural areas. Use this Thistle Identification and Management Guide (pdf) to learn the difference between native and non-native thistles.