Office of the Coroner

The Summit County Office of the Coroner ensures that statutory responsibilities are followed by objective and thorough investigation as to the cause and manner of death with compassion; while professional, experienced staff help bring answers, closure and understanding to those left behind.


Our staff brings special skills to the office including search and rescue, police, EMS and disaster training. The staff must undergo a series of trainings within the office including but not limited to the law, documentation, photography, evidence collection, scene investigation, mandated and required reporting, autopsy, death notifications and grief, as well as seminar training to become certified in Medicolegal Death Investigation. Attending continuing education and conferences is required.


Our office is required by law to be accessible 24 hours a day 365 days appropriate local and federal government, funeral homes, organ donation teams, EMS / Fire / Law enforcement, attorney's, insurance companies, hospitals etc . We must positively identify the decedent before notifying family, remove the body from the scene in a dignified manner, review medical, social history, interview family members, physicians, employers, friends, neighbors to assist in determining cause and manner of death. For more information refer to Coroner Office's Duties.

Annual Reports

View the Coroner's Office Annual Reports, which provide statistics on manner and cause of death.

Public Education

This office has been privileged to give continuing education presentations to local fire departments, ambulance personnel and victim advocates as well as to high school students on drunk driving and safety.

Public presentations include living wills / DNR orders, coroner duties, and driver safety. If you would like to hear a presentation for your group, please contact our office.