Summit County 4-H Enrollment

Enrollment for the 2022-23 4-H year opens on October 1. All returning 4-H members and leaders must re-enroll each year. The $45 4-H enrollment fee helps pay for club supplies, insurance, state 4-H fees, leader recognition and awards.


2022-23 Enrollment Newsletter

4-H Online Enrollment

Please enroll your child as a "Member", not as a "Participant"
 All youth members and volunteer leaders must enroll online via 4-H Online*. 
4-H Online Enrollment for Members
4-H Online Enrollment for Volunteers
4-H Online Enrollment Help for Members and Volunteers

1. Enroll in 4-H Online

Enrolling Children Ages 5-7
Children ages 5-7 are considered as "Cloverbuds" in the 4-H system and must select "Cloverbud" as their project in 4-H Online. After enrolling, email the Summit County 4-H office with the child's specific project.
Enrolling Children Ages 8+
For children ages 8 and older, choose the project name that most closely describes the program in which your child will be participating. If you do not see your child’s project listed, select “Self-Determined.”

*When enrolling, do not complete the “Health Form,” as this is for overnight programs only. 

2. RSVP to the Summit County 4-H Office.
Once you have enrolled your child in 4-H Online, contact the Summit County 4-H office.

3. Send payment for the annual 4-H Enrollment fee.

2022/23 Summit County 4-H Enrollment Fees:
$45/child ages 8-18
$20/child ages 5-7
Payment Options:


  • Debit cards and Checking accounts only; No Credit Cards allowed
  • No fees!
  • 4-H Enrollment Fee total $45/child or $20 for ages 5-7
  • When sending funds, use the email:
  • Enter “Robin” as the contact name.  Robin Henley is our 4-H Council Club Treasurer 
  • Add your child’s full name so we know that you have paid your annual 4-H enrollment fee


  • Credit Cards allowed
  • 11% fee
  • 4-H Enrollment Fee + Venmo Fee $49.95/child including fee or $22.20/child including fee for ages 5-7
  • In Venmo app, search for “Summit County 4-H Council Club” 
  • Add your child’s full name so we know that you have paid your annual 4-H enrollment fee


Summit County 4-H
PO Box 5660
Frisco, CO  80443

Financial Aid

Financial aid scholarships are available for those in need. To inquire about financial aid, call the Summit County 4-H office at (970) 668-4142.

Assistance with Enrollment

If you’re having trouble enrolling online, contact the Summit County CSU Extension Office. 

Colorado State University, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Summit County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all without discrimination.

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