Energy Assistance

Energy assistance is available through the Low Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) and the Crisis Intervention Program (CIP).

Low Energy Assistance Program (LEAP)

LEAP is designed to help low-income households with home heating costs. LEAP assists in a portion of heating costs; it is not intended to cover the entire cost of home heating. The program runs from November through April only.

For information regarding year-round assistance with heating fuel bills contact HEAT HELP at 1-866-432-8435.

To be eligible for LEAP you must be responsible for home heating costs payable to a utility company, fuel dealer, or as part of your rent. Households must also meet program incomes guidelines.

Applying for LEAP  apply online
If you received LEAP last year and have not moved an application packet will be mailed to you by November 1st. Otherwise, pick up an application from our office, call to have one mailed to you, or print an application online at: Colorado Department of Health - LEAP Website

Applications cannot be processed without all required documents, which include:

  • Proof of Identity (driver’s license, ID card, resident card, US Passport)
  • Social Security numbers for all household members
  • Proof of any income (pay stubs, letter from employer)
  • Proof of any non-work income (unemployment, SSI benefits, child
    support payments, etc.)

How Long Before I Receive Benefits?

LEAP applications will be processed within 50 days from the date that our office receives a completed application and all required documents.

For more information, visit: Colorado Department of Human Services Energy Assistance Website

Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)

The Crisis Intervention Program (CIP) operates year-round and provides assistance with furnace repair/replacement or replacement of broken windows.

You must be eligible for LEAP to qualify for CIP.

Applying for CIP
Applications are available at Summit County Division of Health and Human Services.

Other Energy Assistance Helpful Resources:

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