Healthy Communities

Eligibility Requirements

All Colorado citizens who would like apply for Medicaid or CHP+ or those who are already enrolled and are under the age of 21 or pregnant are eligible for the Healthy Communities program.


The following services are offered by Healthy Communities:
  • A link to Medicaid and CHP+ providers that will serve as a Medical Home
  • Education on the value of preventive health care services and how to access benefits at the appropriate settings
  • Explanation of the re-enrollment process to families that continue to be eligible for Medicaid and CHP+ to eliminate gaps in coverage
  • Information and referrals to other community programs and resources
  • Information on how to apply for Medicaid and CHP+ and face-to-face application assistance
  • Information on where to submit applications for processing and eligibility determination
For more information, please call (970) 668-9710.