Healthy Choices for 7th Grade Girls & Boys

Healthy Choices is a specially developed prevention program for students in middle school. The program is designed to give seventh graders new information and skills on how to make healthy choices related to their emotional and physical well-being. Healthy Choices complements the existing school health curriculum and is not a required program. Classes are very interactive combining lectures, discussions, videos, and guest presenters. Some of the subjects covered include:
  • Abstinence/Contraception
  • Drug /Alcohol awareness
  • Peer Pressure/Media Safety
  • Self Esteem/Emotional Health
  • Sexual Harassment
  • STDs /AIDS

This will be the 21st year that Healthy Choices class has been offered at Summit Middle School to 7th Grade Girls and Boys.

Class Facilitators
Shawna Gogolen and Lauren Gearhart, facilitates the girls’ program and Tim Bender, facilitates the boy's program along with guest speakers from the School Based Health Center and from Advocates for Victims of Assault.

If you have any questions about Healthy Choices classes contact Lauren Gearhart.