Child Care Licensing

Any person caring for unrelated children on a regular basis is required by Colorado law to obtain a child care license.
  • A license is not required if you are only caring for children from one family.
  • Licensing is not expensive. It costs about $100.
  • The licensing process is not lengthy. It typically takes four to eight weeks.

Steps to Become Licensed

1. Call Laura Cronin in Youth and Family Services at 970-668-9186 for a free licensing packet, or visit the Colorado Department of Human Services website.

2. Complete the necessary paperwork:
  • Application
  • Fingerprint cards
  • Medical evaluation (signed by a health care professional).

3. Complete the necessary trainings:
  • First aid and CPR
  • 15-hour prelicensing class
  • Universal precautions and medication administration.

4. Complete a home inspection with Child Care Licensing Specialist Laura Cronin.