Special Event Permits, Fees, and Schedules

Any event that expects to use county services (i.e., emergency / ambulance services or law enforcement) or expects to impact any county right-of-way, and has 50 or more participants, is required to complete the enclosed Special Event Permit Application. A special event permit allows for the occurrence of an event for a short duration on property that is the county's responsibility. Examples of special events are community fairs, bicycle or Nordic ski races, and art festivals.

Permit Resources

A Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area (DRReC) Special Use Application is also available for events that will take place on or will travel across DRReC property. DRReC Events Information.

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Explanation of Special Event Permit Fees

Special events impact Summit County facilities, such as the Recpath, natural surface trails and trailheads, as well as displacing or otherwise impacting other users of these facilities. Fees collected cover the costs of staff time administering the permits and help offset the costs and impacts of these events on County resources and facilities. 


Fee Schedule

As outlined in the Fee Schedule, the special event permit fee is based on three criteria which are all added together for a total permit fee:

 Application Fee (Table 1):
All applicants are required to pay an application fee at time of application to cover staff time associated with initial reviews and referrals.

  • Tier 1: $100.00 if the applicant is a tax exempt local non-profit organization or local government.  
  • Tier 2: $200 for all tax exempt non-profit organizations that did not meet the criteria in Tier 1
  • Tier 3: $300 for all other organizations that do not meet Tier 1 or 2 criteria and are a profitable organization

 Event Fee (Table 2): This fee is based on the organization and number of participants.

  • Tier 1: $.50 per participant for each entry if the applicant is a tax exempt local non-profit organization or local government
  • Tier 2: $1.00 per participant for each entry if the applicant is a tax exempt non-profit organization that does not meet the criteria in  Tier 1
  • Tier 3: $1.50 per participant for each entry for all organizations that do not meet Tier 1 or 2 criteria and for profit businesses

 Additional Fees (Table 3): Additional Fees are assessed based on the use of County services by the event, and are coordinated with the applicable departments based upon their referral comments. For example, Ambulance may charge a fee for stand-by coverage. If an event requests the closure of a trailhead, parking lot, etc. to the general public, an additional fee of $50 per hour will be charged, not to exceed $400 per day.

2024 Special Events

Below is a list of special events on Summit County trails, roads, and properties during 2024. While event courses are not closed to the public during the event, please be aware of temporary disruptions. For more information and details about each event, please visit the individual event websites. Note: this list will be updated as events are permitted (last updated 2/1/24). 

Date / Start TimeType of EventEventLocation
February 10, 8:00amNordic RaceFrisco Gold RushFrisco Nordic Trails
February 10 - 11, 6:00amTournamentSummit Youth Hockey TournamentDillon Marina / Reservoir 
February 13, 3:00pmFestivalMardi Gras PartyKeystone River Run
February 15 - 18, 7:00amTournamentColorado Pond Hockey TournamentDillon Marina / Reservoir
February 17, 5:00pmFat BikeFrisco Freeze Fat Bike RaceFrisco Nordic Trails
February 23 - 25, 9:00amNordic RaceThe BreckebeinerGold Run Nordic Center, Gold Run Road
February 24 - 25, 7:00amDog Sled RaceDillon Reservoir Dog Sled RaceDillon Marina / Reservoir