User Tips

Helpful Recommendations, Rules & Tips

  • Accepted payments include cash or check (with proper ID)- credit cards. There is a 75 cent charge & 2.25% convenience fee added to your total to pay with credit or debit card.
  • We ask that all visitors to the site check in at the gatehouse.
  • It is a good idea to bring a broom or shovel to clean out the bottom of the trailer or truck bed.
  • Landfill equipment has the right of way. At times equipment will run against traffic, especially during snow removal. Please observe the one-way traffic throughout the property.
  • No cell phone use, scavenging, children or pets out of vehicle, or smoking within 100 feet of the trash area.
  • No paints, tires, batteries, liquids, fuels, oils, refrigerators, propane tanks, or e-waste is allowed in your basic loads.
  • Routes within the landfill often change. Please read signage to follow the appropriate routes to the trash and recycling areas. Adhere to directions given at the gatehouse.
  • Should hazardous waste be discovered or the loads not be tipped as directed, the customer will assume all additional disposal costs incurred. Special requirements and/or fees apply to these items.
  • The speed limit throughout the landfill is 14.5 mph. Speed limits are posted for your safety and dust control. Please adhere to them at all times.
  • The user agrees to tip all loads as directed by waste facility personnel and to provide loads free of hazardous waste.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands when loading at the work site and unloading at the landfill. Please protect your feet; do not wear sandals at the landfill. This is a rugged, sometimes muddy environment.