Ordinances & Resolutions

Listed below are all of the ordinances for Summit County as well as the current and previous year's resolutions, as approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Resolutions 2021

2021-01 Appointments

2021-02 In Recognition of Karn Stiegelmeier

2021-03 In Recognition of Thomas C. Davidson

2021-04 National Radon Action Month

2021-05 Appointing New Transit Advisory Board Members

2021-06 Authorizing the Clerk & Recorder to Close to the Public on Election Day

2021-07 PLN20-021 Subdivision Exemption Lot 10 & 9 Whispering Pines Ranch Sub #1

2021-08 PLN20-044 General Subdivision Exemption Plat Lot 10 Western Sky Ranch

2021-09 Adopting Amendments to 2021-01

2021-10 Proclaiming February 2021 as "Black History Month"

2021-11 2018 ICC Code Amendment

2021-12 Update to the pricing methodology for a TDR sold from the Countywide TDR Bank PLN20-011

2021-13 Resolution for the Department of Local Affairs Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Grant

2021-14 Resolution in support of the CORE Act

2021-15 PLN20-080 Request to vacate and adjust lot lines Old Keystone Golf Course Subdivision

2021-16 Formation of a Disposal District and Adoption of Plan

2021-17 Earth Hour Proclamation

2021-18 Month of the Young Child Proclamation

2021-19 Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

2021-20 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Proclamation

2021-21 2020 Budget Amendment

2021-22 2021 Budget Amendment

2021-23 Support for Summit County's Immigrant Residents and for the U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021

2021-24 General Subdivision Exemption PLN19-031 BLM Land Exchange 

2021-25 Proclaiming May 2021 as "Mental Health Awareness Month"

2021-26 Recognizing Volunteer Efforts in COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts
2021-27 Request for Approval of Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement

2021-28 PLN21-016 General Subdivision Exemption Gold Hill Subdivision

2021-29 PLN20-073 Minor PUD Modification Spring Creek Ranch
2021-30 Emergency Medical Services Week May 16-22

2021-31 Colorado Public Lands Day May 15, 2021

2021-32 In Opposition to State Ballot Initiative 16

2021-33 Adopting the 2020 National Electrical Code

2021-34 Amending the Building Code Fee Schedule

2021-35 Amending Resolution 2019-48 and Approving the 2018 International Fire Code

2021-36 Immigrant Heritage Month

2021-37 Mountain Rescue Awareness Month

2021-38 Declaring Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2021-39 Workforce Housing Crisis in Summit County

2021-40 Adopting "EV Readiness in Summit County, Colorado: Guidance for Local Communities and Businesses"

2021-41 PLN21-044 Sale of 1 TDR from the Countywide Bank

2021-42 Declaring Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

2021-43 PLN21-020 Preliminary Plat to Subdivide Berlin Placer

2021-44 PLN21-020 Final Plat to Subdivide Berlin Placer

2021-45 PLN21-028 Replat to adjust lot lines Spring Creek Ranch

2021-46 PLN19-023 Preliminary Plat Western Sky Ranch

2021-47 PLN20-076 Minor Amendments to Development Code Chapters 3 and 15

2021-48 Repealing Stage 2 Fire Restrictions and Reinstating Stage 1 Restrictions

2021-49 Rescinding the Summit County COVID-19 Local Disaster Emergency Declaration

2021-50 Preliminary plat to subdivide Lot 16, Blue Ridge Amended Sub

2021-51 Final Plat to Subdivide Lot 16, Blue Ridge Amended Sub

2021-52 PLN21-033 Preliminary plat to subdivide a 69.79 acre parcel

2021-53 PLN21-034 Final plat to subdivide a 69.79 acre parcel

2021-54 Repealing Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

2021-55 New Liquor License LOGE Camps

2021-56 PLN21-072 General Subdivision Exemption Page Lode MS 6988 Juniata Subdivision #1

2021-57 Appointing Members to the Silverthorne Childcare Authority

2021-58 September 2021 Suicide Prevention Month

2021-59 September 15- October 15 Hispanic and Latino Heritage Month

2021-60  PLN21-60 Sale of 8 TDRs for Trails at Berlin Placer

2021-61 Assignment to the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

2021-62 Application for a DOLA Planning Grant

2021-63  PLN21-054 Lewis Ranch at Copper Building Envelope Replat

2021-64 PLN21-075 Request to alter plat note Heather Way

2021-65 Dillon Reservoir Recreation Area Rules & Regulations

2021-66 Short Term Rental License Application Moratorium

2021-67 October 2021 "Conflict Resolution Month"
2021-68 October 2021 "National Cyber Security Awareness Month"

2021-69 Support of Summit Combined Housing Authority Ballot Measure 6B

2021-70 Support of Summit Fire & EMS Protection District Ballot Measure 6A

2021-71 PLN21-077 Lot Line Vacation & Easement Old Keystone Golf Course Subdivision

2021-72 PLN20-036 General Subdivision Exemption One River Run Sub 

2021-73 PLN21-084 Application for a Retail Marijuana Store

2021-74 COSI Scholarship

2021-75 New Liquor License for Steep

2021-76 2021 Budget Amendment
Resolutions 2020

2020-01 Appointments

2020-01 SHA Appointment of Officers

2020-01 BOH Authorizing Public Health Director to respond to COVID-19

2020-02 National Radon Action Month

2020-02 SHA Acquisition of Conservation Easement

2020-03 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship 2019-20 Matching Funds

2020-04 PLN19-129 Quandary Village Sub #2 Issuance of a TDR Certificate

2020-05 Authorizing the Clerk & Recorder's Office to close March 3, 2020, June 30, 2020 and November 3, 2020

2020-06 Authorizing a Separate Early Election Day Polling Center

2020-07 TDR Map Amendment

2020-08 PLN19-153 Replat of the building envelope on Lot 8B, Shadows North Amended Subdivision

2020-09 Minor Amendment to the Copper Mountain PUD Alpine Lot

2020-10 Amending the method of appointing membership of the Summit County Housing Authority Commissioners

2020-11 PLN19-136 Class 6 Right of Way Dedication to transfer land to the Colorado Department of Transportation

2020-12 PLN18-037 Major PUD Amendment to Tiger Run RV Resort PUD

2020-13 PLN18-035 Lot Line Vacation Tiger Run RV Resort

2020-14 PLN20-006 Update to the Short Term Rental Fee Schedule

2020-15 2019 Budget Amendment

2020-16 2020 Budget Amendment

2020-17 Earth Hour Proclamation

2020-18 Declaration of Disaster Emergency COVID-19

2020-19 Month of the Young Child Proclamation

2020-20 Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclamation

2020-21 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

2020-01A Clarification of Resolution 2020-01

2020-22 PLN19-096 Preliminary rezoning Blue Sky Estates

2020-23 PLN19-097 Final rezoning Blue Sky Estates

2020-24 PLN19-098 Preliminary Plat Blue Sky Estates

2020-25 PLN19-099 Final Plat Blue Sky Estates

2020-26 Building Code Amendments and Summit County Sustainable Code

2020-27 Proclaiming May as Mental Health Month

2020-28 New Liquor License for Steep

2020-29 PLN19-148 Preliminary Plat A Lift Neighborhood

2020-30 Proclaiming May 17-23 as Emergency Medical Services Week

2020-31 Recognizing May 16, 2020 as Colorado Public Lands Day

2020-32 PLN20-016 Class 6 - General Subdivision Exemption Lot Line Vacation Dillon Valley Subdivision #1

2020-33 Recognizing May 15, 2020 as Peace Officers Memorial Day

2020-34 Recognizing May 15, 2020 as the Colorado Day of Remembrance

2020-35 Recognizing June 2020 as Immigrant Heritage Month

2020-36 Adopting the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan

2020-37 PLN20-025 Lot Line Vacation Old Keystone Golf Course Sub

2020-38 Authorizing a Waiver of Interest on Delinquent 2019 Property Tax Due in 2020

2020-39 PLN20-009 General Subdivision Exemption to divide a 23.4 Acre Parcel at Trails at Berlin Placer PUD

2020-40 Support of Updated CC4CA Policy Statement

2020-41 Extending a Waiver of Interest on Delinquent 2019 Property Tax Due in 2020

2020-42 PLN20-031 Lot Line Vacate Quandary Village

2020-43 PLN20-024 Subdivision Exemption to adjust lot lines Preserve at Wildernest

2020-44 PLN19-155 TDR Map Revisions

2020-45 Declaring a Stage 2 Fire Hazard Emergency

2020-46 Referral of a Ballot Measure authorizing limited adjustments to Summit County's Mill Levy
2020-47 Proclaiming September 2020 as Suicide Prevention Month

2020-48 Authorizing Assignment to the CHFA

2020-49 Conveyance of Dillon Valley Vistas

2020-50 CDNST and Treasure Vault Lode Claims

2020-51 Authorization to transfer Lot 1, Block 2 Dillon Valley Subdivision #1 to Summit Habitat for Humanity

2020-52 Resolution Supporting Gore Range Name Change

2020-53 Resolution in Support of the Colorado River Water Conservancy District Ballot Initiative 7(A)

2020-54 Amendment to the Melody Lodge Cabins PUD to replace occupancy restrictions with workforce housing deed restriction

2020-55 Declaring October 2020 as "Conflict Resolution Month"

2020-56 Declaring October 2020 as "National Cyber Security Month"

2020-57 Declaring Summit County as a GoEV County

2020-58 New Liquor License Application for Gateway Grocery & Liquor

2020-59 Repeal of Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

2020-60 In Support of Summit County's Service Stabilization Ballot Measure 1(A)

2020-61 Providing for the Administration of Mass Transportation Systems

2020-62 Declaring Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

2020-63 Purchase of 1.21 TDRs for use at Tyra Summit Condominium II, Units 126 and 130

2020-64 Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

2020-65 Approval of Sale of Unit 204, Building Q, Dillon Valley East Condominiums

2020-66 Approval of a State Trails Maintenance Grant

2020-67 Repeal of Stage 2 Fire Restrictions

2020-68 PLN20-055 Lot Line Vacation Lots 36 & 38 Block 5 Quandary Village Sub #1

2020-69 Authorizing Legal Representation & Defense

2020-70 PLN19-018 Lot Line Adjustment Lot 27 Highland Meadows PUD

2020-71 Final Plat to Subdivide 7.7 acres at the A-Lift Neighborhood at Copper Mountain

2020-72 Minor Code Amendment related to Temporary  Outdoor Structures

2020-73 Approval of Red White and Blue Fire Protection District Ambulance Licenses

2020-74 Approval of Summit Fire & EMS Ambulance Licenses

2020-75 Approval of Flight for Life Ambulance Licenses

2020-76 Approval of Stadium Medical Ambulance Licenses

2020-77 New Liquor License Element 29 at Copper

2020-78 New Liquor License The Cove & Craft

2020-79 Resolution Canceling Certain Uncollectable Taxes

2020-80 Urging Tri-State to Reduce Emissions to CO Customers

2020-81 General Subdivision Exemption Utility Easement PLN20-056

2020-82 2020 Budget Amendment

2020-83 Adopting a Proposed 2021 Budget

2020-84 Appropriation of Money

2020-85 Mill Levy Certification for 2021

2020-86 Recognizing Tony Cammarata's Contributions to the EMS Board

2020-87 Increasing the Salary of the District Attorney

2020-88 Ratification of Actions taken Regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic