Ordinances & Resolutions

Listed below are all of the ordinances for Summit County as well as the current and previous year's resolutions, as approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Resolutions 2023

2023-01 Appointment Resolution

2023-02 National Radon Action Month

2023-03 Granting Assessor Power to Make Decisions on Abatements

2023-04 PLN22-075 Appeal of Snake River Planning Commission decision - Wintergreen Ridge

2023-05 Black History Month

2023-06 PLN22-134 Class 6 Lot Line Vacation Valley of the Blue Subdivision

2023-07 Recognition of Tyler Updegraff's Service and Contributions

2023-08 Adopting Amendments to Resolution 2023-01


2023-10 PLN22-061 Code Amendments to STR Regulations

2023-11 PLN22-152 Vacate Lot Line Quandary Village Subdivision #2

2023-12 PLN22-145 Lot Line Vacation Dudley Rd 

2023-13 Joint TDR Methodology Upper Blue Bank with TOB

2023-14 Countywide TDR Methodology

2023-15 PLN22-117 Adjust Lot Line Spring Creek Ranch

2023-16 Minor PUD Modification Copper Mountain PUD

2023-17 Earth Hour 

2023-18 Month of the Young Child

2023-19 Child Abuse Prevention Month

2023-20 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

2023-21 National Public Health Week

2023-22 Recognition of Jason Thoma's Service and Contribution

2023-23 Amendment to Declaration for Ophir Mountain Village

2023-24 PLN22-123 Preliminary Plat Ranch at Breckenridge

2023-25 PLN23-013 Major PUD Amendment Soda Creek at Lake Dillon

2023-26 Transferring Emergency Management to Sheriff's Office

2023-27 Revised EMS Rules & Regulations

2023-28 Disaster Emergency Authorization

2023-29 Mental Health Awareness Month

2023-30 Amendments to Resolution 2023-01

2023-31 Fee Updates Snake River Sewer Fund

2023-32 2022 Budget Amendment

2023-33 2023 Budget Amendment

2023-34 Emergency Medical Services Week

2023-35 Colorado Public Lands Day

2023-36 Grant for Little Beaver Trail Connection

2023-37 PLN23-022 Lot Line Vacation Quandary Village

2023-38 PLN22-131 Lot Line Vacation 39 Degrees North

2023-39 Recognition of Marc Hogan

2023-40 Recognition of Jay Beckerman

2023-41 Recognition of Maggie Murray

2023-42 Recognition of Erik Vermulen

2023-43 Recognition of Brian Birenbach

2023-44 Recognition of Liz Tabraj

2023-45 Recognition of Javier Pineda-Rosas

2023-46 New Liquor License Cove Coffee LLC

2023-47 Immigrant Heritage Month

2023-48 Mountain Rescue Awareness Month

2023-49 Pride Month

2023-50 PLN23-015 Lot 1 Spruce Park Subdivision

2023-51 PLN23-020 Replat Keystone Village Subdivision

2023-52 PLN22-021 Minor Amendment Copper Mountain PUD

2023-53 In Honor of Mike Peterson

2023-54 PLN23-040 Easement Vacation Quandary Village Subdivision #2

2023-55 National Electric Code Adoption

2023-56 New Liquor License Black Diamond Grille

2023-57 County Commissioner District Boundaries

2023-58 Amendments to Resolution 2023-01

2023-59 PLN23-045 Lot Line Vacation Dudley Hill Sub

2023-60 PLN35-005 Lot Line Adjustment Bills Ranch Subdivision

2023-61 Addendum to Master Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement

2023-62 PLN23-038 Final Plat Ranch at Breckenridge Phase II

2023-63 PLN21-102 Preliminary Plat Anaconda & Daisy Subdivision

2023-64 PLN23-024 Preliminary Rezoning Natural Resources to Agricultural

2023-65 Child Support Awareness Month

2023-66 Suicide Prevention Month

2023-67 Amendments to the Appointment Resolution

2023-68 CHFA Private Activity Bond Allocation

2023-69 PLN23-007 Final Rezoning

2023-70 2023 2nd Quarter Budget Amendment

2023-71 Amendments to the Appointment Resolution

2023-72 Hispanic American Heritage Month

2023-73 ESP23-007 Vacate Forest Service Right of Way Broken Lance Drive

2023-74 Conflict Resolution Month

2023-75 National Cyber Security Awareness Month

2023-76 Adopting Amendments to Appointment Resolution

2023-77 USFS Lease for Forest Service Administrative Sites

2023-78 PLN21-105 Major Amendment to Continental PUD

2023-79 Approval of OS&T to Pursue Trails Planning Grant

2023-80 PLN23-052 Spring Creek Ranch Minor PUD Modification

2023-81 PLN23-051 Spring Creek Ranch Lot Line Adjustment

2023-82 Sauce on Copper Liquor License

2023-83 PLN23-054 Preliminary Rezoning R-2 to PUD Affordable Housing Bills Ranch Subdivision

2023-84 PLN23-055 Final Rezoning R-2 to PUD Affordable Housing Bills Ranch Subdivision

2023-85 Lot Line and Easement Vacation Tordal Estates

2023-86 Tenderfoot Meadows Open Space Management Plan

2023-87 Final Plat Ranch at Breckenridge Phase 2

2023-88 New Liquor License Application Cures 'N Curiosities

Resolutions 2022

2022-01 2022 Appointment Resolution

2022-02 National Radon Awareness Month

2022-03 Authorizing C&R to Close to the Public for Election Day

2022-04 Proposed Extension of DOE ZERH Training Period

2022-05 Black History Month

2022-06 Approval of Election Precinct Boundaries

2022-07 Supplemental Budget and Appropriation 2021

2022-08 Supplemental Budget and Appropriation 2022

2022-09 In Support of Ukraine

2022-10 PLN21-100 Preliminary Plat to subdivide Lot 65, 66, Silver Shekel Subdivision #2

2022-11 PLN21-101 Final Plat to subdivide Lot 65, 66 Silver Shekel Subdivision #2

2022-12 PLN21-055 Class 5 Major PUD Amendment to the Miller PUD

2022-13 Earth Hour

2022-14 Month of the Young Child

2022-15 Child Abuse Prevention Month

2022-16 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

2022-17 National Public Health Week

2022-18 Open Space Advisory Council

2022-19 IHOI Grant Application 

2022-20 Mental Health Awareness Month

2022-21 PLN22-010 General Subdivision Exemption Barton Creek Reserve Sub

2022-22 May 15-21, 2022 Emergency Medical Services Week

2022-23 Colorado Public Lands Day May 21, 2022

2022-24 Recognizing David Nelson's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-25 Recognizing Graeme Bilenduke's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-26 Recognizing Kelly Owens's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-27 Recognizing Ryan Taylor's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-28 Recognizing Tom Connelly's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-29 Recognizing Warren Reese's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-30 Recognizing Jay Beckerman's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-31 Recognizing Peter Grossheuch's Service and Contribution to Summit County

2022-32 2022 Budget Amendment

2022-33 Immigrant Heritage Month

2022-34 Mountain Rescue Awareness Month

2022-35 Pride Month

2022-36 Amending the Summit Sustainable Building Code

2022-37 Temporary Moratorium on Short Term Rental Licenses

2022-38 Issuance of 2 TDRs for Use on Lot 6 Miller PUD

2022-39 General Subdivision Exemption Lot 44R, Lewis Ranch at Copper

2022-40 General Subdivision Exemption lot 43R, Lewis Ranch at Copper

2022-41 Amendments to Land Use and Development Code Chapters 5, 7, and 13

2022-42 Amendments to the Land Use and Development Code Chapters 12 and 13

2022-43 General Subdivision Exemption Lot 4, Rocky Nob

2022-44 Participation in the Colorado Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

2022-45 Lake Meadows Subdivision Roadway Easement 

2022-46 Minor PUD Modification Ranch at Breckenridge Phase I

2022-47 Amendments to the Appointment Resolution

2022-48 Suicide Prevention Month

2022-49 Hispanic Heritage Month 

2022-50 Child Support Awareness Month

2022-51 Master Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement

2022-51a Sale of the Cow Creek South and McDonald Flats parcels

2022-52 CHFA Private Bond Allocation

2022-53 Authorizing Execution of Contracts & Documents by Assistant County Managers

2022-54 Open Space & Trails Master Plan

2022-55 PLN22-086 General Subdivision Exemption Plat Trails at Berlin Placer Filing #1

2022-56 PLN21-103 Minor Amendment Copper PUD

2022-57 Providing for the Submission to Voters Ballot Issue authorizing 2% Short Term Lodging Excise Tax

2022-58 Providing for a ballot measure without new tax, collection of revenues for protection of Summit County citizens

2022-59 Appointing Transit Advisory Board Members

2022-60 Appointing Silverthorne Childcare Authority Members

2022-61 Amendment to the Appointment Resolution

2022-62 Conflict Resolution Month

2022-63 Cyber Security Awareness Month

2022-64 Operation Green Light for Veterans

2022-65 Denying Application for a New Liquor License

2022-66 In Support of Ballot Measure 1(A) Short Term Lodging Excise Tax

2022-67 In Support of Ballot Measure 1(B) Public Safety Programs and Services

2022-68 Opposing Proposition 124

2022-69 Opposing Proposition 125

2022-70 Opposing Proposition 126

2022-71 PLN22-112 Lot Line Adjustment Keystone PUD

2022-72 PLN22-103 Minor Amendment Summerwood PUD

2022-73 Classifying 911 Dispatch Personnel as First Responders

2022-74 Site Lease for Justice Center Workforce Housing Project

2022-75 PLN22-107 Class 5 Major Amendment to the Aspen Springs PUD

2022-76 Proclamation in Support of Club Q Victims

2022-77 Lodging Tax Fund

2022-78 Authorizing Execution of Documents by Interim County Manager

2022-79 Fee Increases for Snake River Sewer Fund

2022-80 PLN21-030 Denial of Appeal

2022-81 PLN22-116 Minor PUD Modification Spring Creek Ranch

2022-82 PLN22-104 Land Use & Development Code Amendments CUP for Commercial Snowmobiling

2022-83 COSI Scholarship

2022-84 PLN22-076 Replat Village at Wintergreen

2022-85 Appointment to Fill Clerk & Recorder Vacancy

2022-86 2022 Budget Amendment

2022-87 Adoption of the 2023 Budget

2022-88 Appropriation of Funds for 2023

2022-89 Mill Levy Certification for 2023

2022-90 Secure Transportation Licensing & Permitting

2022-91 Clarification on EMS Regulations

2022-92 Carrying of Firearms & Deadly Weapons within County Buildings & Facilities

2022-93 Appointment to Huron Landing Authority

2022-94 PLN22-130 General Subdivision Exemption Masters at Copper Creek Subdivision

2022-95 Red White and Blue Fire Protection District Ambulance Licenses

2022-96 Summit Fire & EMS Ambulance Licenses

2022-97 Flight for Life Ambulance Licenses

2022-98 Stadium Medical Ambulance Licenses