Rates & Policies

Rental Rates & Policies

Type of Group/Events 


Hourly Room Fee: 


Meeting Room Rentals or Kitchen Use

Room/Key deposit for damages:

  • $100 meetings & trainings
  • $300 parties & large events
  • $500 events including kitchen rentals for damages or unsatisfactory cleanliness after the event

County Organizations 

Ambulance Training; Manager’s

Meetings; Voting

No Charge

Summit County Senior Citizens, Inc. Events 

Services; Programs; Events; Meals, Rummage Sale

No Charge

County Sponsored 

Organizations and Youth 

Oriented Groups/ 



County Sponsored or Funded Organizations; Board Meetings; Community Events


Non Profits Summit County 

Non Profits within Summit County

$10/hour M-F $25/hour weekend rate (Friday PM, Saturday & Sunday)

Community and Civic Groups 

Community Events; Governmental

Information; Educational Programs; Public Health Trainings or Events; events which are primarily intended to provide a direct public benefit to the Summit County community, its residents and visitors  



$10/ hour/room (weekdays)

$25/ hour/room (weekend)  



Other Organizations and 
Private/Commercial Events

Commercial Use; For-Profit Business;

Campaign Activities; HOA’s;

Owners/Shareholders Meetings; Private Parties; Weddings


$50/ hour/room   


Subject to availability, with priority given to the other categories herein.


Other Services 

Kitchen use, Audio Visual Technology


Fee varies