Project & Road Naming Rules & Regulations

The Information Systems / GIS workgroup is responsible for review and approval of road and development project names. It is the intent of the regulations governing naming road, projects, and subdivisions to ensure that any such names being proposed are unique. Unique means that there are no other roads or projects within Summit County with the same or similar names.
  • Names that sound similar are not considered unique (e.g., Beach and Peach, Bear Tree and Bearing Tree).
  • Same names with a different suffix are not considered unique (e.g., Willow Road and Willow Lake Court, Lake Drive and Lake View Circle, and Vail Court and Vail Circle).

Please consult the Property Information Search & Maps to help determine if a proposed road or subdivision is unique. Users should use the address query with the root word of the proposed road name to determine if it is already being used, or the description query to determine if a proposed name is already in use for a project or subdivision. All proposed road and subdivision names will be reviewed by GIS Staff prior to approval to confirm the uniqueness of the name.  Please contact the GIS Staff for further assistance.

Additional Information