After Applying for an STR License

After Applying For Your STR License

Once we review your application, we’ll send an email to let you know whether it is approved. Please be aware that the review process does take time.  We appreciate your patience.  The approval email will contain your license number. We will not conduct fire and safety inspections during the application process. After licenses are issued, we will audit a random selection of properties that will be inspected.

  • Document posting: Print and post the following documents in a prominent location within your STR property:
    1. A sign that includes your Summit County STR License Number, street address and responsible agent contact information. Download a template that you can use to create your sign (pdf).
    2. Good Neighbor Guidelines (pdf): Fill in your unit’s occupancy limit in the "Maximum Capacity" section at the bottom of page 1.
    3. County-approved parking plan
    4. County-approved waste disposal and collection plan.
  • Advertising requirements: STR owners must include the license number, maximum occupancy and maximum parking on all advertising (print, online, etc.). The license number must be located after the property description.