Basin Caps

Per Section 4 of STR Ordinance 20-C, unincorporated Summit County has created caps for Type II licenses in each of the 4 basins within the Neighborhood Overlay Zone.  Therefore, no new Type II applications are being accepted at this time.  Please note that Type I licenses are an exception to the caps.  To see if you qualify for a Type I license and to apply, please visit our Type I license page.

Please review the Summit County Basin Locator Map to verify which basin your property is located in.

CAPS in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone (NOZ)

Caps on the number of Type II licenses in the NOZ of each basin are established as follows (current numbers will be reviewed and updated here by January 5th of each year):

  • Lower Blue Basin cap: 550  (607 Type II licenses as of 12/2023)
  • Upper Blue Basin cap: 590  (678 Type II licenses as of 12/2023)
  • Snake River Basin cap: 130  (189 Type II licenses as of 12/2023)
  • Ten Mile Basin cap: 20  (30 Type II licenses as of 12/2023)

Basin Locator

The caps will be achieved by natural attrition (when a property sells or an STR owner no longer wishes to have a license).  Once the STR license numbers are within 10% of reaching the cap, staff will put in place a system on how to issue new Type II licenses.  There is no waitlist at this time.

Please view the video below for more information on STR caps and administration.

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