Election Judge Application

Election Judge Application


    So we can better place you, please answer the following questions.

  2. 1. This position requires that you are United States Citizen. Are you able to meet that requirement?
  3. 2. This position requires that you are a registered voter in Colorado. Are you able to meet that requirement?
  4. 3. This position requires that you have not been convicted of election fraud, any other election offenses, or fraud. Are you able to meet that requirement?*
  5. 4. This position requires that you not be a candidate or related to a candidate on the ballot. Are you able to meet that requirement?*
  6. 5. Are you a current Summit County Government employee?
  7. 6. Have you previously worked as an Election Judge?
  8. 7. How did you learn about this opportunity?
  9. 8. Are you applying as a student election judge (16-18 years old and a high school student)?

    Upon an assignment invitation, Student Judges will be provided a Student Election Judge form that must be completed and returned to the Summit County Elections team prior to their first day of work. The form must be signed by the student, a parent or guardian, and a school representative.

  10. 10. Do you have a valid Colorado driver's license?
  11. 11. Do you have customer service experience?
  12. 12. Do you have experience using a computer for business and/or personal activities?
  13. 13. If you answered yes to the previous question, please rate your computer skills by selecting one of the below choices:
  14. 14. Summit County election processes require bipartisanship. Please indicate your affiliation so we can build bipartisan teams.*
  15. 15. Most assignments require open availability for the full length of the commitment. The date you select below should reflect the first day you are available to work full-time, even if that is Election Day only. When are you available to begin working?
  16. 16. To help us select your election judge assignment, please choose one of the following that best describes your current work and/or school schedule.
  17. 17. Where are you available to work? (Select all that apply)*
  18. 18. Please select which assignments interest you. If you are open to working on any assignment for which you are qualified, please select all.*
  19. By typing your name above, you are signing this application electronically. You understand and agree that this form of electronic signature has the same legal force and effect as a manual signature.

    Your application will not be processed without your signature.

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