Justice Files

The Justice Files is a weekly summary of notable police activity that aims to inform, educate, engage and protect the local community and visitors alike through transparency. This information is shared to develop and encourage community involvement and foster a sense of security and trust in the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. 

* All persons arrested for any crimes are based on probable cause and are presumed to be innocent until the contrary is proven in a court of law.


February 12th - February 18th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 264,344*

  **Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Theft: A resident of Wildernest reported that he left his vehicle unlocked overnight and that a gym bag and other personal items were stolen. A report was taken. 

Citizen Assist: A woman was looking for help from deputies regarding a dog custody dispute with her ex. She had already reported the issue last week, it was explained to her that the situation is a civil matter and she was given information on how to proceed with the courts. 

Disturbance: A bar in Keystone reported an unruly patron that had to be forcibly removed from the establishment, who was now laying outside the door refusing to leave. He was also trying to start fights with other patrons. Deputies contacted the intoxicated man as well as the staff that had kicked him out. They did not want to press any charges and they just wanted him gone for the night. Deputies located a sober friend of the man that was willing to take responsibility of him for the evening and he left the area. 

Fraud: A man in the Dillon Valley area reported to deputies that he had purchased a bird online for $475 but said that it was never delivered to him. The investigation of a potential suspect is ongoing. 

Trespass: A man reported three women entering his house in unincorporated Breckenridge and attempting to take his dogs. The man thinks that they were sent there by his estranged wife who he suspects gave them a key to the home. He didn’t want to press any charges but was looking for assistance on getting his wife to leave him alone. Deputies attempted contact with her but were unable to reach her that day. Investigation ongoing. 

MVA: As a woman pulled out of her friend’s driveway, she heard a loud noise from the back of her vehicle. She was unsure what it was so she stopped and got out to investigate. She found a highly intoxicated man laying on his side in the middle of the road. She called 911 and got an ambulance on the way. Deputies on scene found a full can of beer next to the man who was too intoxicated to answer all of the questions asked of him. He gave a few different versions of the story to deputies, first indicating that he was not hit by the car but had hit the woman’s car with his hand to let her know he was there and in another version, he said the car bumped into him. It was unclear which was true, but he said that he didn’t want to press charges. He was transported to the hospital due to his high level of intoxication and a report was taken. 

Medical: A man visiting from Florida on a ski trip was found unresponsive in his bedroom after feeling sick during the day. CPR was performed and an AED was attempted, however attempts to revive him were unsuccessful. There were no suspicious circumstances, and a report was taken.

Disturbance: A Bustang driver reported that a man was causing a disturbance on the bus because he did not believe that I-70 was closed. The driver did not want to kick him off the bus due to the inclement weather. The deputies who responded to the scene spoke to the man and confirmed with him that I-70 was indeed closed. The man said he would not cause any more problems and was allowed to stay on the bus. 

Assault: A woman was snowboarding close by to a man at Copper Mountain. This upset him and he retaliated by chasing her down the hill, cutting her off, and then stopping suddenly causing the two to collide at a low speed. The man then shoved the woman to the ground while threatening her. He was issued a summons for harassment and the woman reported no injuries. 

Theft: A man’s snowboard was stolen when he left it outside in Keystone for about 15 minutes. A ski pass belonging to someone else was found near the missing snowboard. Deputies are working with Keystone guest services and the investigation is ongoing.

Fraud: A Dillon Valley resident met who he thought was a woman on a dating app. After exchanging contact information and briefly getting to know each other, they exchanged private images with each other. The person that the man was chatting with then tried to extort money out of him, threatening to message his friends on social media if he didn’t pay her. No money was exchanged and he was given instructions on how to report the fraud. 

Fraud: A man reported that after a poor dining experience at a restaurant in Keystone that he had left no tip on his credit card receipt. On his bank statement, he noticed that the total charged was $10.00 more than what it should have been. When he called the restaurant the manager sent him a picture of his receipt which showed a tip and a changed total. The waitress denied giving herself a tip after not getting one, the restaurant will refund him the full amount & the man has decided not to press any charges. 

Dispute: A woman reported to deputies that her ex-husband was at her house in Dillon Valley arguing with her new boyfriend. An investigation revealed that one of the woman’s roommates had invited the ex over to help jump a vehicle with a dead battery. It was determined that no crime was committed. 

Domestic Violence: A group of people were driving back to the front range after attending a concert in Vail. An intoxicated man in the car punched his girlfriend in the head three times while she was driving after they got into an argument over the radio. An investigation found that the man had two active restraining orders, one prohibiting him from consuming alcohol. The man was taken into custody for assault, domestic violence and violating his protection order.  



February 5th - February 11th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 244,994*

  **Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Domestic Violence: A man and his girlfriend got into a dispute at a hotel in unincorporated Breckenridge, the man called deputies for assistance. When deputies arrived on scene, the woman’s car was found on the road but was unoccupied. Deputies reached the man on the phone, but he was uncooperative and refused to meet in person. Shortly after, the girlfriend was found, she explained that they got into a verbal argument and that she left the area with her dog because her boyfriend had a violent past and she was scared, although she maintained that the fight did not get physical. A report was taken, no arrests were made. 

Domestic Violence: Deputies responded to a condo in Dillon Valley due to reports of a male and female yelling and banging things around in a unit. Upon contact deputies were told that the argument was just verbal and that they were fighting about a recent job loss. There were no visible injuries and no evidence of a struggle or damaged property. The involved female decided to leave for the evening to diffuse the situation & no criminal charges were established. 

Motorist Assist: Deputies received a report of a vehicle stuck on a trail at the Keystone Nordic Center. The driver mistakenly thought it was a road and then got stuck on the trail. Employees were able to assist with getting the vehicle removed and the Nordic Center declined to press charges. 

MVA: The Colorado State Patrol asked the Sheriff’s Office to assist with a motor vehicle accident that left a moose injured in unincorporated Breckenridge. Deputies located the moose, who was deceased, and found that it was not blocking the roadway. There were no human injuries and CSP handled the report. 

Fraud: A married couple was scammed out of $25 when they applied for a fraudulent credit card. After the application was submitted there was a second fraudulent charge on another one of their credit cards. The bank recognized the charge as fraudulent and cancelled the transaction. Report taken. 

Suicide Threat: The Breckenridge Police Department received a call from a woman who stated that she was suicidal, had a gun and was in a public building in town limits. BPD and assisting Sheriff’s Deputies evacuated the building and contained the area that she was reporting to be in. The SMART team established communications with the woman by phone and attempted to negotiate with her before she ended the call. Once the building was completely evacuated, more information was received that indicated that this was potentially a swatting call (a term used to explain the action of making hoax phone calls to report serious crimes to emergency services). The building was completely cleared and no one was found in the building. BPD is still investigating the matter. 

Domestic/Child Abuse: An ex-husband reported child abuse of his two children by their mother, he claims that she has also struck him in the past. The ex-wife denied all accusations of child abuse or physical altercations with her ex-husband and said that he was retaliating against her because she had cheated on him in the past. She claims that her ex-husband has been telling teachers at their children’s school not to let her pick up the children and that he forged her signature to get her taken off of their current rental lease. The man also recently filed for a civil protection order restraining her from both him and their children. The former couple does not have a custody agreement in place for the children and they were both educated on how to seek one. Investigation ongoing.   

Assault: A hotel employee in the Keystone area was contacted by a guest whose keycard had stopped working. The guest was visibly intoxicated and upset that his key didn’t work. The employee made him a new key, when he left to go back to his room, the guest followed him and grabbed at him from behind, but then left the hotel before things escalated. The employee was not injured but wanted the guest trespassed from the hotel. When the guest was located, he was uncooperative with deputies, denied who he was and refused to answer any questions. He was trespassed from the hotel, him and his guest had to locate a new hotel for the evening and were advised that if they returned to the hotel they would be charged with trespassing. 

Domestic Violence: A man physically restrained his wife, blocked doorways and also pinned her down until she was in pain, all hindering her ability to leave their residence. The woman had to scratch at his face and neck to get away. Then she tried to call 911, but her husband took her phone away from her. He was arrested on several charges related to domestic violence and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility.  

Fraud: A business owner that is contracted by a local hotel dropped off paychecks for his employees and another employee knowingly cashed a check that did not belong to them and gave a check with a forged signature on it to the employee whose check they cashed. The investigation is ongoing and a report was taken.

Domestic: A man and his girlfriend in unincorporated Breckenridge got into an argument over ending their relationship that turned physical, the man called 911 for help. When deputies arrived, he was extremely uncooperative, initially wouldn’t come to the door and was not willing to discuss the situation or answer many questions. The man was detained and after calming down a bit, deputies were able to interview both individuals. The woman admitted to hitting the man & was arrested for domestic violence and assault.

Theft: There were multiple vehicle break-ins at various trailheads throughout the county that appear to be related. Several different owners and renters came back to their vehicles to find that a window had been smashed out and items taken, mostly purses, backpacks and cash. After the thefts, some of the victims received notifications that purchase attempts had been made with their stolen credit cards at local gas stations. One local gas station reported that the suspect attempted to purchase $1,000 in gift cards and a pair of gloves but the purchase was declined. He was then seen leaving the gas station and running to a nearby vehicle before leaving the scene. This investigation is ongoing. 

Domestic Violence: A man staying at a hotel in Copper Mountain got into a fight with his wife and juvenile daughter over dinner plans. The man ripped drawers out of the dresser and threw them and their contents at his wife and child in a fit of rage. The juvenile was able to get away and hide in another room but the fight continued between the man and his wife. Prior to the deputies’ arrival, the man fled the scene in a vehicle headed towards Denver. He was stopped just past Silverthorne, was arrested and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility on multiple charges including domestic violence and child abuse. 

Restraining Order Violation: A woman snowboarding at Copper Mountain reported that her boyfriend got separated from her while riding and had not returned. She was able to plot his phone to Loggers Trail, deputies responded to the area. A routine clearance of the missing man showed that there was a restraining order in place that prohibited him from having any contact with the girlfriend. When the man was located, deputies confirmed that he was okay and not in need of any medical attention. He was then placed under arrest for violation of his restraining order and taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Animal Control Year End Report

The Summit County Animal Control & Shelter released their year-end report for 2023, the following is a summary of some of the information that they have shared:

  • Animals impounded in 2023: 1,675
  • Animals surrendered to the shelter: 157, a 12% increase over last year
  • Animals being returned after adoption: 5%
  • Total calls answered by Animal Control: 2,249, up from 2022 and 2021
  • Animal Control contacts with the public: 13,569, a 30% increase over 2022
  • Animal Control calls such as: dogs at large, barking, aggressive, injured, neglect, etc. have increased 45% since last year and 2023 has had the highest number of AC calls to date. 
  • Warnings issued: 101
  • Citations issued: 17
  • There has been a 6% decrease in adoptions this past year compared to last
  • Donations have increased 23%
  • Animal bites reported: 69, a 13% increase over last year
  • The shelter had 326 volunteers over the course of 2023, a similar amount compared to last year
  • The Humane Education program visited several elementary schools throughout the year and hosted several shelter tours to children of all ages


January 29th - February 4th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 242,693*

  **Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Medical: An infant being watched by a babysitter became unresponsive. 911 was called and CPR was performed until paramedics arrived on scene. Tragically, lifesaving efforts were unsuccessful. The cause of death is unknown at this time. 

Theft: A man left his rented snowboard outside of a restaurant in Copper Mountain while he was inside eating and it was no longer there when he was done with his meal. Deputies contacted Copper Security to see if any video footage might show a suspect and a report was taken. The victim didn’t want to press charges and just wants the board back.

Domestic: A married couple got into an argument in unincorporated Blue River. The heated verbal argument eventually got physical with the highly intoxicated male pushing his wife more than once and later grabbing her phone away from her when she was on the phone preventing any further conversations with others. When deputies arrive on scene they met with the woman outside the home while the man locked himself inside the house. Shortly after, he was found crawling out a back window of the house, attempting to get to a nearby vehicle. He was arrested on several charges and taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Overdose: 911 was called due to a cocaine or fentanyl overdose victim that was discovered by roommates in a Copper Mountain apartment. The victim was taken to Lakewood by helicopter. Investigation ongoing. 

DUI: A driver was pulled over in Dillon for weaving, upon contact, the driver showed signs of impairment and did not complete roadsides comparable to a sober person. The driver admitted to taking several prescriptions and was taken into custody. He had his 3-year-old daughter in the vehicle and was eventually released to his parents who also took custody of their grandchild for the night. 

Dispute: Near the Silverthorne Recreation Center a group of teens threw a drink out their car window at another teen’s vehicle. The parents of the victim went to Dillon Valley to speak with the parents of the suspects and a heated argument involving many people ensued. The incident originated in Silverthorne, the Sheriff’s Deputies assisted on the call while Silverthorne took the report. 

Dog Bite: A woman on a trail in unincorporated Breckenridge was bit by a dog while snowshoeing. The off-leash dog was out with its owner who was on a fat bike, the woman tried speaking to the owner, but he ignored her and left the area. The incident was documented and is still under investigation. 

Assault: A woman reported a male walking around a condo building in Copper Mountain who was knocking on doors and asking people for marijuana. The man wasn’t wearing a shirt or shoes and was highly intoxicated. Copper Security arrived on scene before Deputies and the male was aggressive towards them, he grabbed at them and attempted to put one into a chokehold. He was transported to the hospital due to his elevated level of intoxication, the security guard declined to press charges. 

Medical: A 29-year-old man was reaching for clothing that he hung over a balcony at a condo in Keystone. He slipped and fell from the second story balcony resulting in a compound fracture to his tibia and fibula with heavy bleeding. He was stabilized and transported to the local hospital by ambulance. 

Domestic: A server at a restaurant in Keystone found a note on a table after a family left that said “Need Help” written in crayon. Deputies located the family in their condo to check on everyone’s welfare. The parents were aware that their 7-year-old daughter had written that on the napkin, they explained that it was to get the servers attention to bring them their check. They didn’t think anything of the note after leaving the restaurant. After speaking with the parents, deputies spoke to the child and confirmed that she was okay as well. Deputies discussed how the note was perceived by the restaurant staff who called the police to report it and recommended they not leave notes like that again. 

Aggressive Dog: A woman reported to Animal Control that she was scratched by an aggressive dog on a trail in unincorporated Breckenridge. The dog jumped on the woman, scratching her chest. She was worried about contracting rabies, but it was confirmed that she did not come in contact with the dog’s saliva and was only scratched by the dog’s nail. The woman did not exchange any contact information with the dog’s owner.  

Domestic: A man in unincorporated Blue River called deputies to report an argument between him and his ex-girlfriend. He left the house after the argument and then received text message from her father telling him that she took all of his personal items out of the house in bags and was going to leave it all next to a dumpster where he used to work. Deputies spoke with the ex-girlfriend and she reported that she took all of his stuff as punishment because she thinks he is cheating on her and that she wanted him out of the house. The eviction process was explained to her and her father. The ex-girlfriend was taken into custody on two different charges related to the removal of his things from the home.  

Indecent Exposure: A woman sitting at a bus stop in Wildernest reported that a man pulled up in a black SUV, started verbally harassing her, then drove away. While she was still there waiting for the bus, he returned and exposed himself to her while also touching himself, then drove away. Investigation ongoing. 

Trespass: A man reported an unknown female entering his apartment in Keystone at 2:30 in the morning. Neither the man or his roommate knew the woman and claimed to have never met her. The woman claimed she was invited to come there. Deputies gave her a curtesy ride back to the condo where she was staying. Both men declined to press any charges. 

SMART CALLS - The System-wide Mental Assessment Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.) is a co-responder program designed to address the unique mental health needs of the community. It provides a wide variety of specialized skills, services, and response capabilities reflecting the intersection of Summit County's diverse community and its relationship to mental health. By addressing these needs, S.M.A.R.T. is able to make the community a safer place.

Medical Incident: The SMART team provided mental health support for the family of an infant that passed away. 

Welfare Check: A father requested a welfare check on his adult daughter that has a history of mental health issues. She had missed a couple of days at work and was not returning her mother’s calls, which was unusual. Deputies responded to her home, and she eventually came to the door after they knocked for a very long time. She was nonresponsive, wouldn’t answer any questions and would not make eye contact. The SMART team and EMS responded to the home to evaluate, eventually transporting her to the hospital. 

Mental Health: SMART received a call from a man looking for information on how to help his brother who he described as paranoid and aggressive. He didn’t think that his brother would seek assistance himself but was worried about his mental state and possible substance abuse issues. SMART gave the man information on their role and what limitations exist. He was provided with a business card and was offered case management services. 

Summit County Detentions Facility 

Medical Incident: A new inmate in the booking area pressed the intercom system and advised staff that he had just had a seizure. While staff was attempting to assess his medical needs, the inmate became unresponsive. He did not respond to verbal commands or a sternum rub, but he did have a pulse. Prior to losing consciousness, he denied using any drugs but did state that he sometimes has seizures when he drinks alcohol. EMS transported him to the hospital and after a full examination, medical staff at the hospital stated that his seizure like behavior was likely falsified and he was cleared to return to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 


January 22nd - 28th, 2024

Vehicles through Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels this week: 256,260*

  **Information shared to show potential volume of visitors that Summit County, CO is experiencing each week throughout the year.


Disturbance: A man called in to report a disturbance between him and his roommate in unincorporated Breckenridge. The intoxicated roommate recently broke up with his girlfriend and was taking it out on both the man and the apartment, damaging a TV and a door. The roommate was not cooperative with deputies, but the man didn’t want to press charges and decided to leave for the night to diffuse the situation. 

Threat: Three men were approached by a highly intoxicated male at a bus stop in the Keystone area. The intoxicated man was acting like he wanted to fight; he pulled out a knife and yelled threats at them. Deputies were able to find a man matching the description of the suspect in a nearby bar, he was detained and searched, revealing a knife on his person. He was positively identified by one of the victims and was taken to the Summit County Detentions Facility where he was uncooperative with jail deputies. 

Animal Control: Deputies requested AC to pick up a dog because it’s owner was going to detox for the night. This is the third time that this dog’s owner has gone to detox for the night, causing AC to take the dog into their care. The living conditions at the home are not sanitary and are potentially not ideal for the dog who has lost weight in the last year, an investigation into possible neglect is on-going. 

Bus Runner: Deputies were advised of two separate vehicles that ran school bus stop signs, one near the high school and the other in Summit Cove. Both drivers were located, educated on traffic laws and were given warnings.

Dispute: A plow driver called for assistance due to a dispute between him and a delivery driver. The delivery driver was blocking both the roadway and plow operations and refused to move which turned into a verbal argument between the two drivers. Deputies diffused the situation and got the delivery truck driver to move his vehicle. 

Dogs at Large: Two dogs on the loose in the Summit Cove area were reported to be barking and charging at a deliveryman. The caller was not familiar with the dogs, but scared them off with a broom to help the deliveryman get back to his truck. 

Shots Fired: A report of multiple shots being fired in the area of Officers Gulch was received by deputies & they contacted three men that were shooting in National Forest land. The men had proper safety equipment; however, they were too close to the trail to be shooting legally. They were given warnings and some education on shooting in the National Forest. 

Domestic Violence: A woman utilized the text to 911 feature available in Summit County to report domestic violence that occurred between her and her boyfriend. The couple was visiting Summit County and during their short stay the boyfriend had verbally harassed her, spit on her, broke her sunglasses and threw things at her. He was taken into custody after the investigation was complete. 

Fraud: The Sheriff’s Office received multiple reports this week from individuals that had received phone calls from someone claiming to be Sergeant Hall with the SCSO telling them that they missed a court date, followed by an attempt to get them to pay a fine over the phone to avoid being arrested. None of the individuals that called in to report this exchanged any money. 

Dispute: A caller confronted a male that flipped him off in a parking lot in Keystone which led to a verbal argument. The caller wanted officers to come mediate the situation. Upon contact, the male stated that he flipped off the caller because he speeds through the parking lot and nearly hit him today. Both were advised to keep things civil and to call if any further issues arise. The caller was warned for speeding in the parking lot.  

Trespass: SCSO deputies assisted the Breckenridge Police Department when a woman in Breckenridge called to report that someone was in her house and was trying to get into her bedroom. Officers on scene found that the door to the apartment was not locked. They concluded that the intruder was dropped off at the wrong apartment and was there by mistake. Nothing was damaged or stolen and no forced entry was visible. 

Menacing: A male caller met a man at a bar in Breckenridge and after drinking and doing drugs with him decided to go back to his place to continue doing the same. Upon arrival at the home, the man began making sexual advances towards the caller which were not reciprocated. The caller told the man he wanted to leave but the man grabbed a lamp and acted as though he was going to hit him with it, he then threatened the caller with two kitchen knives and tried to make him get undressed at knifepoint. Prior to getting completely undressed there was a moment where the caller was able to run away from the house and call 911. After investigating the situation, the man was taken into custody on multiple charges and transported to the Summit County Detentions Facility. 

Animal: A dog was attached by a mountain lion in the Keystone area and was seriously injured. The dog’s owner shot at the mountain lion but it’s not known if it was hit. The Department of Wildlife and Animal Control were advised of the incident. 

Dispute: Roommates in unincorporated Breckenridge are involved in an on-going dispute with each other. One roommate reports that the other put her plants outside in the cold overnight causing them to die. A couple of days later she reported that items of hers that were neatly packed and ready to be moved had been tampered with and some things were destroyed. There were no witnesses to the tampering of the property and not enough evidence to press any charges. She plans to move out soon and was given information on how to request a civil standby if she wants one. 

SMART CALLS - The System-wide Mental Assessment Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.) is a co-responder program designed to address the unique mental health needs of the community. It provides a wide variety of specialized skills, services, and response capabilities reflecting the intersection of Summit County's diverse community and its relationship to mental health. By addressing these needs, S.M.A.R.T. is able to make the community a safer place.

Suicide Threat: SMART made contact with a patient that had advised their therapist about passive suicidal thoughts. The patient is having personal issues with divorce & childcare which is causing a lot of stress. The patient was given resources and since there were no immediate concerns for safety of self or others, the SMART team will follow up with case management services.