STR Regulations

New STR Regulations as of February 15, 2023

Please note that the following content is not a comprehensive list of all regulation changes but merely an overview.  Please review the revised STR Ordinance 20-C in full for all changes.

CAPS in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone (NOZ)

Caps on the number of Type II licenses in the NOZ of each basin are established as follows (current numbers will be reviewed every January and updated here):

  • Lower Blue Basin: 550  (currently at 669)
  • Upper Blue Basin: 590  (currently at 733)
  • Snake River Basin: 130  (currently at 226)
  • Ten Mile Basin: 20  (currently at 31)

Basin Locator

Please review the Summit County Basin Locator Map to verify which basin your property is located in.

The caps will be achieved by natural attrition (when a property sells or an STR owner no longer wishes to have a license).  Once the STR license numbers are within 10% of reaching the cap, staff will put in place a system on how to issue new licenses.  There is no waitlist at this time.Caps and Administration  Opens in new window

Type I STR licenses are still being issued and do not count towards the cap.  To see if you meet the criteria for a Type I license, please review Section 6.2.l of Ordinance 20-C.  

If you wish to apply for a Type I license, you must first verify you have all of the required documents as set forth in the Ordinance, then you may contact STR staff at to begin the application process.  Please note that no incomplete applications will be accepted and no refunds will be issued for rejected or denied applications.

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Compliance Timeline

At renewal 2023, all STR licenses in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone will be converted to the new Type II license and will be subject to the revised STR regulations, unless they have already been approved for the new Type I license.  Some of the new regulations include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • 35 bookings per year, from October 1 to September 30.
  • Maximum occupancy allowed is 2 people per bedroom plus 2, unless further restricted by the septic system capacity.

Please review Ordinance 20-C to ensure compliance of all STR regulations.

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Properties on Well Water

All STR properties served by well water will be required to submit a well permit at renewal and submittal.  If the STR has a hot tub, the well permit must show proper augmentation in order to continue using the hot tub. Please review the county's memo on short term rentals and well water. 

If the property has a hot tub and does not have proper augmentation, please visit the Vidler Water website to apply.

Please note that your STR license will not be renewed without all required documents so it is highly recommended that you begin any water augmentation process as soon as possible.

Transfer of Title and STR Licenses

Previously, no transfers of title were permitted under the same STR license.  The revised STR Ordinance now includes some exceptions where property can change hands and the owners can keep the existing STR license.  These transfers are meant to allow for familial or court determined ownership to take place without loss of the STR license.

A full list of transfer of owner exceptions are listed in Section 2.8 of Ordinance 20-C.

FAQ and Regulation Shortcuts

Click here for a FAQ on licensing, regulation, and operation of Short Term Rentals and to access quick links to forms and other information.