Short Range Transit Plan

The Summit Stage Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP) for 2021-2025 is a planning effort to evaluate and analyze existing services, understand travel demand and market potential, identify needs and opportunities, create system concepts, and develop a final plan with financial implications, phasing, and implementation strategies. This study includes:

• Review of existing conditions
• Analysis of demand, route performance, and financial indicators
• Development of refinement of service and network design
• Performance measures
• Operating and capital plan for the next five years

Study Purpose and Context:

The study seeks to address how Summit Stage should conduct transit operations within its service area while evaluating limited expansion outside the existing service area to address the high volumes of commuter traffic coming in from outside Summit County. Recommendations from the SRTP could result in adaptations to the Summit Stage transit system architecture and fleet replacement plan. The SRTP comes at a unique time in history, both locally and globally. A recent bus operator shortage that has occurred concurrent with growth in visitation to Summit County has created operational constraints for Summit Stage. Meanwhile, the global COVID-19 pandemic has placed external burdens onto Summit Stage operations