Solar & Renewable Energy Systems

Summit County encourages the use of renewable energy systems. Summit County has regulations for small and large scale solar systems, small and large scale wind energy systems, small and large scale hydroelectric systems, and small and large scale wood burning systems. 


Small scale solar energy systems shall be used primarily for on-site, private purposes. Roof mounted solar systems are allowed in all Zoning Districts, including PUD’s, as an accessory use. 

For more information about Solar, Wind, Hyrdoelectric, and wood burning renewable energy systems, see Chapter 3: Zoning Code, Section 3507: Renewable Energy Systems Standards (PDF)

Program, Incentives & Rebates

Solarize Summit: During the summer, Summit County offers residents and businesses an opportunity for significant discounts on solar panel installation. Participants in Solarize Summit can leverage bulk-purchasing power and rebates to take advantage of exclusive discounts. Discounts increase as the number of participants increases and limited rebates of $1,500 per system are offered.

Xcel Energy Net Metering: So you want to install solar panels to produce your own clean energy? Great, Xcel can help. When you use Net Energy Metering and produce more solar energy than you need, the extra energy is added to the grid. Any excess is held in your solar bank for you to use in future months.


For more information regarding Solar and renewable energy system, contact the Summit County Planning Department at 970-668-4200 or visit the Summit County Climate Action and Sustainability Department.