Solar Energy Initiatives

Summit County has achieved SolSmart Bronze designation for being a solar-friendly local government.

Local governments have tremendous influence over the prospects for solar energy growth. Unnecessary paperwork, red tape, and other burdensome requirements increase costs and discourage solar companies from moving to the area. By streamlining these requirements and taking other steps to encourage solar development, communities become “open for solar business.” And since the solar industry is a leading source of American job creation, attracting solar investment in your community is a great way to promote economic development and new jobs.

SolSmart Bronze Logo

SolSmart uses objective criteria to designate communities that have successfully met these goals. Summit County received a designation of SolSmart Bronze in 2020, joining more than 380 cities, counties and regional organizations in 41 states and the District of Columbia, representing over 90 million people. Summit County has a goal of achieving SolSmart Silver designation in 2021 and Gold in 2022.

The Summit County community has lofty climate action goals, and solar energy will play a critical role in meeting them. Significant amounts of solar PV are being installed around the county due to our abundant Colorado sunshine, low fees, streamlined permitting process and bulk buying program.

Thanks to SolSmart for helping Summit County become a local leader in solar energy installation.