Housing Helps


The Housing Helps program will only be considering approvals for those purchasing a home. We have temporarily paused approvals for current homeowners. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Summit County, CO and would like more information on how to receive 10-15% of the home's market value at closing, please reach out to the Summit County Housing Department directly at (970) 668-4210.

Housing Helps is a new deed restriction acquisition program with the goal of incentivizing homeowners and real estate buyers and sellers to deed restrict their property to help maintain and sustain homes for locals in the community. Under Housing Helps the County will pay owners, buyers, and sellers to accept a deed restriction on homes that are currently unrestricted. The amount that the County will pay for a deed restriction will vary depending on the market and how well the home meets current needs in the community. Recipients may use the funds for down payment, home repairs, special assessments, or any other purpose. In return, the recipients are required to execute a deed restriction that will ensure the property is used for local housing.  An example of the Housing Helps deed restriction is located here. To find out more details about Housing Helps and whether you could qualify please see the Housing Helps program guidelines