Short-Term Rental Conditional Use Permit Application

In the Resort Overlay Zone, a conditional use permit (CUP) application is required for any short-term vacation rental (STR) proposing an occupancy of 20 or more people, or proposing to deviate from the occupancy, parking or other site standards in the Summit County STR regulations.

Summit County staff will review the CUP application in the context of the property and neighborhood to consider whether the types of uses in the neighborhood, the home size, lot size and distance to neighboring properties could potentially enable these properties to accommodate higher occupancies and/or additional vehicles parked on site.  

CUP applications will be referred to agencies such as the water and sanitation districts (or State Engineer and Environmental Health Department for units on well and septic systems), fire department and building department to evaluate whether the unit is able to adequately accommodate the proposed occupancy and vehicle parking, given the capacity of the existing services and infrastructure and the potential impacts to adjacent residents.