Short-Term Rental Regulations

Summit County, Colorado, regulates short-term vacation rentals to address neighborhood impacts and life safety issues. Summit County's regulations for short-term vacation rentals (STRs) are applicable to properties within the unincorporated areas of Summit County.

Summit County defines an STR as a residential dwelling unit, or any room therein that is rented for periods of less than 30 consecutive days. At this time, there are no limitations on the number of STR units permitted within the unincorporated areas of Summit County.

Below, you'll find information on operating an STR in unincorporated Summit County.

Regulations Shortcuts

Here are some helpful shortcuts to regulations referenced in the STR Regulations:

STR Responsible Agents

The Responsible Agent is the main point of contact for your short-term rental unit. If an issue pertaining to your STR is reported, the Responsible Agent will be contacted, and he or she will have 60 minutes to respond with a plan for resolving the issue. The Responsible Agent is required to be available to respond to issues 24/7 and must have a text-enabled phone.

An STR permit holder can serve as the Responsible Agent for the STR unit, but only if you can commit to being available to respond to issues 24/7.

Good Neighbor Guidelines

The Good Neighbor Guidelines are a code of ethics that visitors should follow to avoid negative impacts on the community. The document contains guidance on topics such as parking, wildfire prevention, respecting wildlife, waste disposal, noise and outdoor lighting.

STR permit holders are required to provide these guidelines to renters along with the rental contract. And the guidelines must be posted in a prominent location inside your rental unit so that visitors will see them. Download the Good Neighbor Guidelines (pdf).