Marriage Licenses

In-County Residency Requirement

The Office of the Clerk & Recorder is only facilitating Marriage Licenses for Summit County residents due to COVID-19 - no exceptions.  If you are not a full-time Summit County resident, we will not be able to assist you with issuance of a Marriage License and we encourage you to contact another Colorado County or obtain a Marriage License in your home jurisdiction.

​COVID-19 Public Health Order & Guidance

  • Summit County Government asks anyone interested in planning on travelling to, and holding events in Summit County read the current State of Colorado and Summit County Public Health Order and Guidance sections prior to making any plans
  • Summit County Public Health Visitor Resources
  • There is no estimated time of when we will provide the service to non-Summit County residents.  Fall of 2020 brought a surge in COVID-19 cases to Summit County, extending the closure of County buildings.

​Colorado County Clerk & Recorders

  • For a complete list of the 64 Colorado County Clerks who issue Colorado Marriage Licenses CLICK HERE

​Summit County Residents

  • If you are a full-time Summit County resident, email for details and forms to apply for a Colorado Marriage License during COVID-19.