Birth & Death Certificates

How to Order a Colorado Birth or Death Certificate During COVID-19

Do Not Email PII

Birth or Death MUST Occur in Colorado

  • Summit County Clerk & Recorder cannot assist with Birth or Death records occurring outside of Colorado.  Contact the State Vital Records Office of the state where the vital records event occurred.

Online - Fastest, Safest Method

Remote Orders through C&R

  • The Clerk & Recorder can process Birth and Death Certificate Orders remotely, not in person.  Allow for a longer turnaround time than usual during COVID-19.
  • Orders will be mailed back via United States Postal Service to mailing address provided on Request Form.  In person orders are not conducted.
  • Orders must be placed properly and completely with a request form, copy of eligible Requestor's acceptable form of ID, and placed in the Mail, UPS, FedEx or one of the 5 voting drop boxes around the County
  • Payment must also be included (check is best), payable to "Summit County Clerk & Recorder".  Fee is $20 for the first copy of a Birth or Death Certificate, $13 for each additional copy, per order.  (Example: 2 copies of the same Registrant's Birth Certificate = $33)

Request Forms

Funeral Homes

  • Drop to Paper documentation must be transmitted securely, preferably by encrypted email
  • DTPs can be encrypted through any encryption service free to the County and emailed to
  • If you must Fax, use 970-453-3502 and as a backup 970-453-3540