Summit County Housing Department

The Housing Department works in collaboration with many community partners and neighboring jurisdictions to implement the County’s housing-related goals and strategies, and to increase the stock of local affordable workforce housing.

COVID-19 Operations

Summit County is currently restricting public access to the Housing Department in order to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

The Housing Department is available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., with one staff member at the office and one working remotely. Occasionally it is necessary for staff to perform site visits or appointments to various locations throughout the County and staff may not be available on a given day or time. Therefore we strongly encourage the public to continue to make contact with the Housing Department through phone calls and e-mails. If after conversing with staff by email or phone there is a need to physically come to our offices, appointments can be made quickly and easily.

Summit County Housing Summary: 2018

Learn about Summit County’s housing efforts, including development strategies and housing projects: Building Housing: Community Preservation, Economic Health, & Sustainability in Summit County, CO (pdf)

Exploring Housing at the County Commons

Summit County is exploring the development of senior and locals’ housing at the County Commons on a 6-acre parcel in unincorporated Summit County. The property, sometimes referred to as the Fiester Parcel, is owned by Summit County government and encumbered by a conservation easement. 

Learn more about our work to explore housing at the County Commons (pdf)

Key Functions

The key functions of the Summit County Housing Department include:

  • Workforce Housing Development
  • Land and Housing Asset Acquisition and Management
  • Housing Policy and Strategy Development.

Housing Projects

Summit County Housing Department works independently and in collaboration with various private and public partners to develop affordable workforce housing in Summit County, with a focus on local resident / workforce housing. Check out our latest housing development, Dillon Valley Vistas

Dillon Valley Vistas Press Release

Property Information & Deed Restrictions

The Housing Department manages the county’s inventory of all deed restricted for sale and rental units as well as approved accessory dwelling units. For more information concerning a deed restriction on your property, check out our Property Info and Deed Restrictions page, contact the Housing Department or use the Summit County GIS Parcel Query Tool.


The Housing Department works with Summit County Management and other Departments on policy creation, revisions and direction. Section 3809 of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code (pdf) in conjunction with the Affordable Workforce Housing Deed Restriction Guidelines (pdf) guide the development of local resident housing in Summit County. 


Other opportunities for housing related resources are listed on the Resources page.