Summit County Tax Lien Sale

Unpaid taxes are sold at our tax lien sale each year. Investors attend the tax lien sale and pay the taxes. This allows us to collect taxes in order to keep the various districts we collect taxes for “whole”.

The interest rate paid to the investor is established by state statute and is based on the federal interest rate at the federal bank of Kansas City on September 1st. The amount sold at the tax lien sale includes the unpaid taxes, the county interest of 1% per month and the advertising fee.

The property owner is allowed to redeem the tax lien at any time. The amount to redeem is the amount sold at the tax lien sale plus the investor’s interest based on a per month basis. Delinquent taxes for a specific lien certificate must be paid in full in certified funds.

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The 2021 Tax Sale date Wednesday October 27, 2021. Must be registered to participate, go to Registration tab for more details.   
The 2021 Tax Sale will be held online, visit