Summit County Art Forum: Current Exhibit

The Summit County Art Forum is a display space that showcases local art. The space is located in the upper level of the County Commons building in Frisco. The Art Forum rotates its exhibit three times each year, with each exhibit based on a particular theme.

The theme of the current exhibit is “Bloom,” which will be on display through August 2019.

‘Bloom’ Featured Artists

The exhibit showcases a wide variety of local artists' interpretations of the "Bloom" theme. Artists featured in “Bloom” include Alisa Messeroff, Jeremy Greene, Amy Marie Dlubac, Sandi Bruns, Cecelia Eidemiller, C.J. Sullivan, Deb Evans, Emilie Wood, Emily Wahl, Jenise Jensen, Joanne Stolen, Sienna Hayes, Karen Shackles, Keats Scott and Kia Neill.

Alisa Messeroff is an award-winning photographer based in Breckenridge, who specializes in maternity, newborns, children’s milestones, families and couples.  

Jeremy “Jerms” Greene aims to capture feelings through color. His paintings and wire sculptures are a “glimpse of time through the eyes of a survivor of a traumatic brain injury” sustained at 16 years old.

Amy Marie Dlubac has been taking pictures since middle school, when her father put his old 35 mm Canon SLR in her hands. From then on, she always wanted to have a camera at her side, looking for the beauty in everything. She loves to travel, and exploring the world has been her dream.

Watercolor is the preferred medium of Sandi Bruns. Her creations reflect what she feels about her subject. She believes the finished picture should “energize the soul as well as entertain the eye.”
Cecelia Eidemiller has been a professional portrait artist for more than 30 years. She has traveled throughout the United States drawing portraits from live sitters at art festivals. Trained in classical portraiture, she works in charcoal, pastel and oil. She has received numerous awards and has presented many one-person shows.

C.J. Sullivan is an amateur photographer. She enjoys shooting geometric patterns, urban life and plant life. She and her family recently moved to Blue River, where she works remotely as a data scientist for a company in Silicon Valley.

As a beginning artist living in Colorado, Deb Evans is drawn to the beauty of the mountains and the variety of topography. She creates works in oils and acrylics on canvas. Her painting studio is at her home in Keystone, steps away from the Snake River.

Emilie Wood began drawing mandalas as a meditative practice. She lives with her family in Fairplay and works in Summit County at Timberline Learning Center and the School Based Health Centers.

Emily Wahl studied watercolor as a pastime and works in all water-based media. She often paints en plein air throughout the county. Her passions are art, travel and family. She is a board member of the Summit County Arts Council, past president and member of the Women of Watercolor and a past board member of the Watercolor Art Society - Houston.

When Jenise Jensen learned of the theme for this exhibit, it immediately brought to mind live music in Summit County. As a music photographer, she wanted to depict the growing and thriving local scene and put together this compilation, showing artists such as Frisco Funk, John Truscelli, the Pine Beatles, Split Window and Dewy Paul.

Joanne Stolen serves on the staff of Breckenridge Creative Arts and teaches various media, including printmaking, marbling and batik. She has had a number of one-person shows in Summit County.

Sienna Hayes was born in Alaska, and her family moved back to Breckenridge, where her mother is from, when she was 13. She finished high school here and recently started her own photography business. She has always had a passion for the arts, and through photography, she has found an outlet for her creative vision.

Karen Shackles has lived in Summit County since 1982. Her photography journey began at age 8 when her mom gave her an old Brownie box camera, and she's been chronicling her adventures ever since. "I live in awe and wonderment at the diverse beauty of the universe and the life that inhabits it. Curiosity and imagination guide my sojourns."

Keats Scott fulfilled a dream to live in Colorado in 1978, when she moved from Chicago to Heeney, on the shores of Green Mountain Reservoir. "This world is my inspiration … I capture light, color and form, depicting it with fabric as my palette. Fiber and stitch give a visual texture. The goal is to have a piece that is a pleasure to look at from a distance, but draws you in to look closer."

Framed drawing of colorful mandala
Framed watercolor painting of a bunch of flowers
Quilted image of three women and pigs against garden backdrop
Photo of little girl looking up to sky, among young pines with mountains in background
Two framed watercolor paintings of poppies
Framed painting of budding aspens, Great Blue Heron and young heron
Framed watercolor painting of purple flowers