Food Safety

Retail Food 

An estimated 128,000 illnesses and 3,000 deaths per year in the U.S. are caused by food borne illnesses. 

Food safety is the top priority for the Environmental Health Department as we work with more than 400 local food establishments.
As part of National Food Safety Month, each year the Environmental Health Department recognizes Retail Food Establishments who demonstrate Exceptional Commitment to Food Safety (2017 Awards - 2018 Awards).

Spring Food Safety Forum + Hep A Vaccinations

April 24, 2019, 9:00‐10:30 am
Elk’s Lodge
1321 Blue River Pkwy, Silverthorne, CO
The purpose of this meeting is to develop better communications between Environmental Health, operators, industry professionals and the consuming public on food safety topics. 

These meetings are not intended to be one way communications or trainings, but open dialogue about topics related to food safety. We hope all attendees come ready to share experiences, discuss concerns and ask questions of regulators and peers. All retail food operators are encouraged to attend

For this meeting only: A public health nurse will be on site to vaccinate uninsured food handlers against Hepatitis A!  Please encourage your employees to attend.

Proposed agenda:
• Welcome
• Suspect foodborne illness investigations
• Discussion on Food Code Transition
• Date Marking
• Food Safety Manager Certification
• Activities that Require Pre-Approval and Written Policy
• Hepatitis A
• Industry Topics
1) Recycling/Disposing Kitchen Oil
• Consumer Topics
• Future Meetings
Please RSVP via email or (970) 668‐4070 and include any topics you would like to discuss.

Home Food Safety

Restaurants are not the only source of foodborne illness. Many originate at home so the department reaches out to the citizens and visitors of the county to help prevent these illnesses as well.
You can check for food recalls here.