Nurse-Family Partnership

Summit County is the fiscal agent and program coordinator for the seven county Intermountain Nurse-Family Partnership. The counties covered by this service are Summit, Lake, Gilpin, Clear Creek, Park, Chaffee and Grand. All Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) programs are committed to producing lasting improvements in the health and well-being of low-income, first-time parents and their children.


The program achieves three important goals:
  1. Children’s health and development are improved by helping parents provide responsible and competent care for their children.
  2. Families’ economic self-sufficiency is improved by helping parents develop a vision for their own future, plan future pregnancies, continue their education, and find a job.
  3. Pregnancy outcomes are improved by helping women practice sound health-related behaviors, including: obtaining good prenatal care, improving their diet, and reducing use of tobacco, alcohol, and substance abuse.

Program Information

Nurse home-visitors:
  • Are highly educated registered nurses
  • Follow NFP Visit Guidelines that focus on the mother’s personal health, the quality of care giving, and life course development
  • Begin making visits during pregnancy and continue through the first two years of the child’s life
  • Involve the mothers' support system, including family members, fathers, and friends. They help families use other health and human services they may need