Liquor Licensing

New Application Process

Summit County Government through its Board of County Commissioners is the local licensing authority for all applicable liquor licenses within unincorporated Summit County.  All completed application forms and fees are submitted to the office of the Summit County Clerk & Recorder for processing.  Plan ahead: the application process can take multiple months for new applications, modifications and renewals.  Once you have paperwork and payments compiled for your application, e-mail Liquor License Coordinator Stacey Campbell (contact information to the left on this webpage) to set up an application review appointment.


For each situation, a combination of State and Local forms are usually required.  For Special Event Applications and Transfers of Ownership, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Starter Packet for New Applications (includes all forms needed to get started, does not include fingerprint cards, stop by the Clerk & Recorder's Office during business hours for fingerprint cards)

Individual Forms:

State forms are available through the Colorado Department of Revenue's Liquor Enforcement Division.
The most common forms used are:
DR8400 - Renewals (for existing licenses with no changes of ownership only)
DR8404 - New Application (also used for Transfers, see page 2 for all supplemental documentation required with application)
DR8404-I - Individual History (used for New Applicants & Manager Registrations)
DR8442 - Modification (Manager Registrations, Premises Modifications, etc.)
Local forms are used as well in combination with the State forms, depending on what type of application is being made.  They can be found in the Starter Packet on this page.


Click here for a schedule of Liquor Licensing Fees.  Calculate fees based on the Local and State fee columns, using the "County" not "City" values.  Remember to separate fees due to CBI for fingerprinting as well, $38.50 per applicant.  All fees and paperwork are submitted to the Clerk & Recorder's Office - including State forms and payment.  The Clerk's Office forwards State paperwork and payments for you at the appropriate time.


The Summit County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 1:30pm, but it's a good idea to confirm upcoming meeting dates with the Liquor License Coordinator at the Clerk's Office at the time of application.  New applications must be submitted completely and with all payments included at least 30 days prior to the date that the Public Hearing requested.  Concurrent Review is an option applicants can choose to pay extra for in their application payment to CDOR, provided through the State, that can expedite review turnaround time.  Concurrent Review allows for the State to review the application concurrently with the County.

Location Matters

If your business is located within the city limits of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Blue River, or Montezuma you will need to contact the town's municipal clerk where the business is located for your liquor licensing needs.  The Office of the Clerk & Recorder for Summit County only handles Liquor License applications for businesses located in Unincorporated Summit County.  Fees, Local Forms and procedures can vary by jurisdiction.

Transfers of Ownership & Temporary Liquor Licenses

DR8404 - Colorado Liquor Retail License Application (see page 2 for all supplemental documentation required with application)
DR8004 - Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance for Transfers from every wholesaler
DR8404-I - Individual History (used for New Applicants & Manager Registrations)
Authorization to Release Form
Fingerprints - see Clerk & Recorder for cards

A Temporary Liquor License is issued based on the discretion of the Clerk & Recorder and can only be issued for a temporary/statutory amount of time.  Temporary Liquor Licenses can only be issued once all paperwork and payment is submitted for a full application and is under review.

Special Event Liquor Licenses

DR8439 - Special Event Application (see page 2 for all required applicable supplemental documents including: diagram, legal presence/possession of premises, and one of the following: certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State/charter/filed statements)
$100.00 fee payable to "Summit County Clerk"


DR8400 - filled out completely and signed (*do not sign "Local Authority Section"*)
Appropriate renewal fees to County and State payable to "Summit County Clerk" and "Colorado Department of Revenue", respectively