Lake Hill Neighborhood Master Plan

Summit County is developing a master plan for a future local workforce housing neighborhood on the 44.8-acre Lake Hill property, located along Dillon Dam Road adjacent to the Town of Frisco.

The County is working with the Town of Frisco, Summit Combined Housing Authority and other public and private partners to plan for and ultimately build a high-quality workforce housing neighborhood on the site.

Project Status

We are now in the Final Master Plan Phase (Task 3, see timeline below), and the County is currently finalizing master plan documents based on extensive community input received during the public process. 

A presentation given to the Frisco Town Council and the Board of County Commissioners on March 28, 2017, can be viewed below, showing drafts of the final master plan documents, including the draft neighborhood concept plan, housing program, phasing options and design guidelines.

Lake Hill Neighborhood Master Plan Update Presentation – March 28, 2017 (pdf)

Master Plan Scope and Purpose

The Lake Hill Master Plan is intended to serve as a guiding document to direct the development of a new local workforce housing neighborhood on the Lake Hill property over the coming years through the following Master Plan components:

  • Vision and guiding principles
  • Recommended land use plan and site program
  • Conceptual neighborhood plan
  • Design guidelines for site character (i.e., greenbelt, streetscape, parking) and architectural character
  • Recommended housing program
  • Phasing and implementation strategies
The Master Plan is intended to be used by the County, working together with the Town of Frisco, Summit Combined Housing Authority and other public- and private-sector partners to plan for and ultimately build a workforce housing neighborhood on the site. The master plan guides the neighborhood design, including the recommended road layout and open space network and guidelines for the desired streetscape design and architectural character that will tie the overall neighborhood together.

The conceptual neighborhood plan shows a framework that allows for about 436 units, which all have access to a greenbelt and trails, views, adequate parking and storage. However, guidance on the number of housing units and mix of housing types is not firmly established by the master plan. The ultimate number and mix of housing units will depend upon multiple factors, such as infrastructure capacity and market conditions, which will continue to be studied during future stages of the planning and development process (e.g., during the rezoning of the property to a PUD and subsequent site plan and subdivision applications to prepare more detailed development plans for individual sections of the neighborhood).

Affordable Workforce Housing Needs

Development of affordable workforce housing has been identified as one of the County’s greatest needs, and the Lake Hill property is a key opportunity to address this challenge. The 2016 Summit County Workforce Housing Demand Study identified a need for up to 560 affordable workforce housing units in the Tenmile Basin by 2020, including approximately 360 affordable rentals (64%) and 200 affordable ownership units (36%). The study shows that the greatest unmet housing needs in the Tenmile Basin are affordable rental housing and lower-priced, entry-level owner-occupied housing. The Lake Hill property cannot solve all of the identified housing needs, but the County’s goal is to maximize the number of homes on the property while creating a livable neighborhood that is compatible with its surroundings.

The Lake Hill Master Plan is a concept plan prepared based on the current workforce housing needs documented in the 2016 Summit County Housing Demand Update. The master plan guidance for Phase 1 identifies a suggested mix of for-sale and for-rent homes based on the most immediate Tenmile Basin workforce housing needs. Master plan guidance for future phases is intentionally more flexible, to allow future decisions on unit types and ownership-rental mixes to be based upon market demand and workforce housing needs over time.

Future Stages of the Planning & Development Process

There are a variety of ways that development of the Lake Hill Neighborhood can be implemented over the coming years, and many opportunities for public-private partnerships to develop different sections of the neighborhood in numerous phases. The Master Plan does not provide all of the answers on plan implementation. Many details are yet to be determined and will be developed during future stages of rezoning, site planning and development.

Key Details to be determined during future phases of planning and development include:

  • Future PUD Development Standards: Using the guidance provided in the Master Plan, more detailed zoning regulations and development standards will be established in a future PUD zoning document, to specify zoning requirements such as permitted building height, setbacks, road standards, etc. The County will work collaboratively with the Town of Frisco when developing the proposed PUD development standards, to ensure the zoning requirements are well thought out and compatible with Town of Frisco standards.
  • Unit Pricing and Deed Restrictions: Affordable sales prices and rental rates, and the accompanying deed restrictions for the housing units will be prepared during future development phases, in conjunction with the site plan approval for each individual development parcel.  
  • Future Property Ownership and Management: The ownership/management structure will be determined in conjunction with future planning reviews and public/private partnership contract agreements to develop individual properties within the neighborhood.

Design Team

Summit County selected Corum Real Estate Group Inc. to lead a multi-disciplined consultant team to help develop the master plan for the Lake Hill neighborhood. The team included Gorman & Company Inc., Norris Design, Shopworks Architecture, Studio PBA and Tetra Tech.

Lake Hill Vicinity Map

Illustration of the greater Frisco area. The Lake Hill parcel is between Dillon Dam Road and I-70, a
Download a copy of the Lake Hill vicinity map (jpg).

Master Plan Timeline 

The Lake Hill Neighborhood Master Plan was developed over a yearlong time frame, with many opportunities for stakeholder and public input to help shape the neighborhood. The planning process kicked off on March 1, 2016, and extended through spring 2017. 

Task 1: Project Initiation, Site Inventory, Analysis and Programming: March–April, 2016 

  • Site analysis, baseline information gathering and initial stakeholder and public outreach to gather ideas and input. 
  • Community outreach and stakeholder dialogue, including: 
    •   Stakeholder and community focus group meetings 
    •   Community open house – April 21, 2016, Summit County Community & Senior Center, Frisco.

Task 2: Conceptual Master Plan: April–July 2016 

  • Develop and present conceptual design options (site layout, housing types, etc.) 
  • Community outreach and stakeholder dialogue, including: 
    • Working design charrette – May 2016 
    • Community open house – June 29, Summit county Community & Senior Center, Frisco.
    • Field trips: July 14, 2016, Members of the public may visit the site and learn how the conceptual site-plan options would be situated on the property.

Task 3: Final Master Plan: July 2016 – Spring 2017

  • Final master plan incorporating public and stakeholder input 
    • Community outreach and stakeholder dialogue, including Community Open House, Sept. 7, 2016.

Future Work and Key Next Steps

The following key tasks will need to be accomplished prior to starting construction of infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure capacity analyses and service agreements: Work with the Town of Frisco to determine capacity for provision of Town water and acquire a Town water service agreement; work with Frisco Sanitation District to understand capacity for the existing treatment plant and service lines, and include the property in the FSD service agreement; Lake Dillon Fire District inclusion.
  • Traffic improvements planning: Collaborative work with the Town of Frisco, Summit County and CDOT.
  • U.S. Forest Service special use permit, and recreation and trails planning with the Town of Frisco, County, and U.S. Forest Service.
  • Develop PUD zoning document and rezone property.
  • Public-private partnerships and funding mechanisms.
  • Site plan design and permitting for Phase 1 development.

In addition to continuing collaborative long-term planning for Lake Hill, both the County and Town of Frisco are also pursuing other short-term opportunities to provide workforce housing units within the Town and other developed areas of the County, where infrastructure is more readily available and housing projects can be more quickly executed.

Contact Information

If you have questions or comments, or would like to be added to the interested parties list, please contact Summit County planners Kate Berg (970-668-4204) or Don Reimer (970-668-4207).
Photo of the Lake Hill parcel, from I-70. The land slopes downward toward Dillon Reservoir.